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Complete profile of the ‘LOO’, Padampur, Bargarh

The Loo, Padampur is a cultural organization devoted to art & Theatre. Instituted in 1993, The Loo has pioneered a new era of theatre activities in Western Orissa.The Loo productions are in Sambalpuri/Kosli, the language spoken in Western Odisha. The plays are glocal, drawing life and blood from the folkloristically rich Budasambar region and imbibing in them universal human values. Click here to download complete profile of the ‘LOO’.


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Information about “The Loo” cultural group and Prof Kesha Ranjan Pradhan

“The Loo” is a state-level cultural group of Padampur, P.O. Rajbodasambar, Bargarh. It is headed by Prof Kesha Ranjan Pradhan. Click here to download the complete information about “The Loo”.

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