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We should start a Kosal academy of language and culture: Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mishra

Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mishra is a senior researcher of language and culture. His research interests are multilingual education, tribal culture and oral tradition. Dr. Mishra is the founder member of Language and Learning Foundation, New Delhi and Folklore Foundation, Bhubaneswar, India. He talks to Dr. Sanjib K Karmee about his research work, Pandit Prayag Dutta Joshi and Kosli language.





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Rare photographs of late Pandit Prayag Dutt Joshi

Late Pandit Prayag Dutt Joshi of Khariar, Nuapada district is a house-hold name in western Odisha. He is credited for propagating the “Kosli language movement”. A master in Sanskrit, Kosli and other Indian languages late Joshi wrote a book “Kosli Bhasar Sankhipt  Parichay” (An brief Introduction to Kosli language). He is also credited for propagating the use of Devanagari lipi to write Kosli language.

A well wisher of Kosli language Mr. Sudhansu Khamari sent us following pictures of late Joshi. We thank Mr. Khamari for sending us these pictures.

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A rare letter from Kosal ratna Pandit Prayag Dutt Joshi about Kosli language

Many thanks to Rajib Sagaria babu for sharing the following letter:

September 24, 2011 at 10:27 am 2 comments



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