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Western Orissa Development Council (WODC) sponsored medical colleges still a distant dream

Following report is from the Samaj:

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Update on ESIC medical college issue: Labour Minister fumbles at Rourkela meet

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

The fumbling of State Labour Minister Pushpendra Singh Deo at a Press meet here over the location of the proposed ESIC Medical College and Hospital and the Rourkela district BJD president’s tacit seal of approval of Bhubaneswar being the spot for the institute has raised many an eyebrows here in the district.

After his two-day tour to Rourkela, the Labour and Employment Minister was in trouble at a Press meet when quizzed by the scribes on the hot issue of the proposed ESIC Medical College and Hospital’s venue. He visibly tried to impress that he was interested for Rourkela being the location and the State has been exercising on it, but passed the buck on the Centre saying the latter preferred Bhubaneswar.

“Instead of missing the project forever, the State had no other options than to allot 25 acres in Bhubaneswar within a week and the premium for the land has been received,” Singh Deo said. Justifying his point, the Minister tried to convince showing a news-clip of a vernacular daily published from Bhubaneswar carrying a reply to Rajya Sabha member Pyari Mohan Mohapatra’s question by the Union Labour Minister having said that the IPs of Bhubaneswar and its surrounding are much more than that of Rourkela.

The scribes present contested showing documentary statistics supplied by the Bhubaneswar-based ESIC office on the IPs that Rourkela and its surroundings have and questioned under what circumstances the Rajya Sabha member accepted the figure given by the Union Minister.

When the scribes showed the information furnished by the ESIC Medical Education Cell sought under the RTI (vide letter dt 07.12.2009) clearly mentioned that the Government of Odisha has not proposed Rourkela as a location for ESIC Medical College, the Minister had no other way, but to remain silent. In a bid to control the damage, he said if the Centre considers Rourkela on its own, the State would not hesitate to accept it.

Such an answer boomeranged on him as without a formal proposal from the State to the Centre, the relocation was just impossible following which the Minister was asked to put a fresh proposal before the Centre soon preferring Rourkela. However, intervening, Rourkela district BJD president Ananda Mohanty said there was no need of giving such proposal by the State when Bhubaneswar was already finalised.

Such an unwarranted reply of Mohanty has not only raised eyebrows, but also makes it clear that the BJD does not want Rourkela to be the location of proposed ESIC Medical College, the locals here viewed.

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CM assures Western Odisha MLAs on relocation of ESIC Medical College and Hospital in Rourkela

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

A delegation of western Odisha MLAs met Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik to personally apprise him of the genuineness of their demand for the relocation of the proposed ESIC Medical College and Hospital in the western region of the State instead of Bhubaneswar on Friday in his chamber on the Assembly premises, reliable sources informed. The delegation also urged the CM to take into consideration the ground reality of the maximum presence of the Insured Persons (IPs), the bona fide beneficiaries, in the western region.

After hearing to the delegation patiently, the Chief Minister claimed to have assured them that if the Union Government makes its mind to set up the institute in Rourkela, the State Government has no problem. The Chief Minister also assured the delegation that before taking the final decision, he would definitely go through the memorandum submitted to him, sources further informed.

Under the leadership of Talsara MLA Dr Prafulla Majhi, the delegation comprised of Rajgangpur MLA Gregory Minz, Sundargarh MLA Yogesh Singh, Attabira MLA Nihar Mahananda, Brajarajnagar MLA Anup Sai and Bijepur MLA Subal Sahu. Besides, more than 20 MLAs from western Odisha have signed the memorandum submitted with the CM urging for the establishment of the ESIC unit in Rourkela.

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ESIC college to be set up in Bhubaneswar: Union Labour Minister Harish Rawat

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

Union Labour Minister Harish Rawat has admitted that it has been decided to set up the ESIC Medical College and Hospital in Bhubaneswar. Replying to a question bearing No 709 of Rajya Sabha member Rudra Narayan Pany in the ongoing Budget session of the Parliament, Rawat informed that the process of finalising the project estimates and obtaining municipal and other statutory clearances have been initiated and as soon as they are finalised, obtained, the work will be started.

On being queried if any proposal from the State was pending with the Centre for setting up of hospital or dispensary by the ESIC, the Minister replied that no proposal of the State Government is pending with the ESIC. When questioned whether Government will take any step with regard to setting up of a dental college at Angul by the Corporation, the Minister said there is no proposal to start a dental college at Angul.

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137 nursing schools to come up in 18 states of India

Following is a report by IANS published in

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Higher education task force (HETF), Odisha rejects health university plan

Following is a report from The Statesman: Statesman News Service BHUBANESWAR, 7 JAN:

 The sectoral consultative workshop of Task Force for higher education held here today mooted the idea of setting up a state health university. The workshop titled “Medical Education: Challenges and Prospects”, stressed on upgradation of the existing government medical colleges and hospitals as unitary universities. The participants also emphasised the role of private players in setting up of medical colleges and the public-private partnership in health care service and education.

Speaking at the occasion, health and family welfare minister Mr Prasanna Acharya highlighted the recent steps taken by the state government to improve medical education in Orissa, and also, expressed his concern over the state loosing out talented doctors to corporate sectors and research centres abroad. He welcomed the proposal for setting up more para-medical and nursing schools in the state.

While appreciating the efforts of the existing medical colleges of the state and the gradual improvement in the health indicators, state higher education minister Mr Debi Prasad Mishra called for bringing in synergy of research and innovation with medical education.

The task force chairman stressed on more priority on medical research in the medical colleges, and exhorted the participants to come out with suggestions to explore new and emerging areas of interdisciplinary research.

We must infuse the spirit of rural services among the students, suggested higher education secretary Mr MS Padhi while stressing on ways and means to improve the existing scenario.

Health secretary Mrs Anu Garg felt that the wide range of diseases in the state could be exploited for medical research and education, and also suggested outsourcing of non-clinical activities so that the doctors can focus on clinical services only. The second session witnessed a vibrant discussion on various issues related to health scenario and medical education in the state.
Principals of all the three government medical colleges, representatives of private hospitals and medical colleges, senior officers from health department and task force members attended the programme.

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Bhubaneswar gets ESIC medical college and Rourkela gets ESIC dental and nursing college

Following is a report from The Samaja:

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Information on HIV/AIDS treatment

Following AD is from The Samaja:

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Govt proposes salary increment for AYUSH and KBK region doctors

Following is a report from The Samaja:

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Health indicators of Odisha show distressing facts

Following report is from

Crude death rate (CDR), infant mortality rate (IMR) and maternal mortality rate (MMR) mirror the health of a state. And, Orissa has a mixed result on these fronts, reveals the recently released Sample Registration System-2008 (SRS-08) by the Registrar General of India (RGI).

It puts CDR – death per 1,000 – at nine against 9.2 in SRS-07. The rate for rural areas stands at 9.4 and 6.9 for urban areas. Infant mortality rate (IMR) is 69 against 71 in SRS-07. For the urban and rural areas the division was 71 and 49 respectively against 73 and 52 in SRS-07.

The RGI has estimated the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) at 303 for the period 2004-06 against 358 for the period 2001-03. It estimated the maternal mortality rate at 24.9 and the lifetime risk at 0.9. Notwithstanding the encouraging performance in MMR and IMR, the State languishes at second worst state in the IMR list and placed in the EAG (empowered action group) states in the MMR list.

The more distressing fact, however, is it has the highest urban CDR of 6.9 and IMR of 49 in the country. High IMR in urban areas could be attributed to the factor of low birth weight babies alluding to high prevalence of malnourishment in urban Orissa compared to the national scenario. High urban CDR could be attributed to prevalence of large range of communicable diseases. It also observes that Orissa records high morbidity rate on account of non-communicable diseases like asthma and diabetes. The prevalence rate of asthma in Orissa for women stands at 2,533 per 1 lakh and 1,592 per 1 lakh for men. Prevalence of diabetes in men stands at 1,179 per 1 lakh in Orissa.

Comparably, the prevalence rate is quite low in all the BIMARU states.

However, the State has accomplished well in the family planning segment with the crude birth rate (CBR) – birth per 1,000 – of 21.4 against the national average of 22.8. The CBR for urban and rural Orissa stood at 16 and 22.2 respectively against the national average of 18.5 and 22.4 respectively.

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