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Odia and English Language

Following article from the Samaja:

I guess Karabara babu has hit the right target. While I agree with some of the points raised by Dr. Patnaik; like his previous articles this article is also very emotional.

 -It is worth noting that, now he is preaching about dialect and language. Now, Dr. Patnaik says, each language is a dialect and each dialect is a language. If this is the case, why there is a Kosli language phobia?

-He writes mother tongue should be the medium of instruction in the primary school level. In this context, will Kosli language be the medium of instruction in the western Odisha?

-First he says, he is not against English and then he says he is opposed to the learning of English language from the first standard. Here, Dr Patnaik is talking like oxymoron. He is self contradicting.

In my view, the kids should practice English, Hindi and mother tongue from the first standard itself. Some Shishu Mandir kids are doing that. So that, later they will not pronounce Kyat for Cat, Ryat for Rat, Fiyat for Fat etc etc. Learning a language is much easier in the childhood.  Why should kids wait until 6th standard to learn Hindi and English? Just because Dr Patnaik learned English from 6th standard that does not mean all the kids will follow him. This is typical language fundamentalist thinking. In the past decades many things have changed. Therefore, it is not a good idea to impose the age-old thinking on Face book kids.


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Odia asmita and English language

Following report is from the Samaja:

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Great writers fight for awards: Bibhuti blames advisory board

Following is a report from the Samaja:


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Favoritism and Corruption in Odia literature awards: Barendrakrushana Dhal

Following is report from the Samaja:

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“Odisha Sahitya Academy Award” for a Plagiarized Book-“Nirbana”

Corruption, favoritism and stupidity are rampant in “Odisha Sahitya Academy”. On 2008 it had awarded a ‘plagiarized book’-Nirbana (see the following report from the Sambad). The credibility of “Odisha Sahitya Academy” is at stake. How can the selection committee select a book which is completely plagiarized?  People should keep in mind that because of internet plagiarism is very common as resources are available within a click.

Sometimes I also get a feeling that the articles published in Odia news paper are mostly copied from English news paper. Such thefts are creating bad precedents. I wish a there should be a watch dog to highlight such things like these ones:


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Infighting over Kendra Sahitya Academy Award: Chandrasekhar Rath vs Bibhuti Patnnaik

Following report is from the Sambad:

Such favoritisms are very common in India.  However, from this write-up, it seems the arguments by Chandrasekhar Rath look absurd. I do not buy his argument that creations of only famous and well established people should get theKendraSahityaAcademy award. If that is the case what will happen to the creations of newcomers. Does Chandrasekhar babu think that the newcomers of Odia literature should go and fly kites?

I do not know the detail of this debate. But looks like, it is an old vs newcomer debate. Standard of Odia literature is declining. Sad, but true!

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