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Pictures of the Bargarh Dhanu Jatra 2010-11 closing ceremony

Thanks to Surendra Kumar Hota for the following pictures:


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Eleven-day Dhanu Jatra begins in Bargarh

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BARGARH: Curtains went up for the 11-day ‘Dhanu Yatra’, considered the biggest open air theatre of Asia, in Bargarh today.

 With the central theme of this festival borrowed from the ‘Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay’, the enactment on day one begins with wedding of his sister Devaki with Basudev besides Kansa’s accession to the throne and concludes with ‘Kansa Badha’ at the hands of nephew Lord Krishna.

After the marriage, a confident Kansa moves towards the Durbar of King Ugrasen, his father and dethrones him to capture the kingdom marking the beginning of his tyrannical rule. But the joy of marriage and the pride of his accession to the throne for the demon King is short-lived.

While he moves around atop a caparisoned elephant in a procession along with the newly-wed couple, a divine voice warns Kansa of his impending death at the hands of the eighth child born to Devi and Basudev. The warning is enough for Kansa to put his sister Devaki and her husband Basudev in jail.

 Interestingly, the day one saw the scene shifting from Ramji Mandir in Talipada where celestial wedding of Devaki and Basudev is solemnised, dethroning and accession to the throne besides warning by divine voice at Hatpada and imprisonment of Devaki and Basudev at the makeshift prison at Radha Krushna Temple at Hatpada.

 The entire Bargarh municipal limits, spread over 5 square km, turns into a stage and every citizen plays a role.

The geographical setting of Bargarh municipal limits also conforms to Mathura, where King Kansa ruled. The river Jeera represents the  Yamuna. Ambapali village across the Jeera turns into Gopapur where Krishna is brought up. The festival which is a synthesis of stage, theatre and cinema is held for seven to 11 days preceding the Pousa Purnima.

Thanks to Mr.Surendra Kumar Hota for the following pictures:

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Photos from the fifth and sixth day of Bargarh Dhanu Jatra

Following pictures are taken from   

 Maharaj Kans is unhappy after the death of Putna and other Asuras    Gotipua dance of Puri being performed during Dhanu Jatra    Folk artists of Punjab waiting to entertain mama Kans    Folk artist of Punjab performing gidda Dance  Artists of Karnatak performing Kuchipudi classical dance    Byanga Kabi Susanta Mishra of M.Rampur (Kalahandi) reciting humorous poems infront of Kans

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Photos from the fourth day of the Bargarh Dhanu Jatra

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  • Putna & Krishna in Gopa

  • AAsura like Sandha, Truna, Dhenu are getting ready before leaving for Gopa

  • Kingh Kansa in Mathura

  • Krishna & Balaram in Gopa

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Photos from the third day of the Bargarh Dhanu Jatra

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  • Nandotsav at Gopapur


  • Bargarh SP Dr Soorya Thankpan IPS innagurating Nandotsav

  • Nandotsav at Gopapur

  • Nanda Raja & Nanda Rani with new born Krishna 

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Photos from the second day of the Bargarh Dhanu Jatra

Following pictures are taken from

  •   Inauguration of Rangamahal

  • Maharaja Kansa in Rangamahal

  • Inauguration of Rangamahal  on the eve of Bargarh Dhanu Jatra

  • A dance troup from Titilagarh at Rangamahal on 22st Dec 2009

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Bargarh Dhanu Jatra inaugurated

Following are the pictures from the first day of Dhanu Jatra.  These pictures are taken  from 

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Pictures of Bargarh dhanu yatra-2008

Following pictures are taken from navaratna news:

9681RangasabhaBala Krishna of Bargarh DhanuyatraRadha & Krishna of Bargarh Dhanuyatra

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