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Bargarh hospital- a symbol of corruption; Municipality – breeding ground of mosquitoes

Dear all,

Bargarh is the home of the present state health minister Prasanna Acharya. He has been in the power since a long time and elected many times.

When he became the health minister people had a lot of hope that he will take care of the rotten health system of the district by paying more attention to the health system. On normal days even bed-sheets are not supplied to the beds; but today – all the beds were neatly covered with white bedsheets. People were talking of this every where in the hospital.

Also there have been confirmatory news from people that the in-charge doctors in maternity ward have been asking for money – the amount varies from 1500 to 5000 on case to case basis. Also the agent working as the middle men asks the attendants not to disclose this matter to any one. Leave apart other corruptions those prevail – from medicine companies bribing the doctors to prescribe their medicines which may not be available in the Jan Aushadhi Kendras.

Besides the ASHA workers do not do their work, instead they try how to trap the patients into the medical trap.

Also instead of writing the chemical composition of the medicines by their generic name they ask specific company medicines to be bought. There is a big price gap between generic medicine price and specific company product – ranges from 2 to 20 times higher for the specific treatment. Many necessary and emergency medicines are not stocked in the hospital for the general free distribution.

Besides few exceptions, the hospitals are very good business centres for the doctors and medical companies. Doctors, medicine companies, and netas hand in had are danging tango.


Bargarh is one of the most dirty town ofOdisha. As the dengue fever spreads across mining industrial zones of Odisha, this town has till now not recieved any case. But -Municipality of Bargarh is so effective that they have made the police station a nice mosquito breeding ground, so also the Dist. Govt. Hospital.

The visual is of the Police Station at the centre of the town and how mosquito are happily breeding. On asking the IIC of the PS, he said that he has nothing to do with that, it is not his duty, and it is the dept. of Collector. The municipality officials never listen to them.

How is that possible ?


Amitabh Patra
M: +91-8763324299

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