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Eminent Kosli poet Sri Nakfudi Panda passes away at Sonepur

Following message and graphic are taken from BENI’s FB page:

One of the earliest poets in KOSLI language, Sri Nakfudi Panda passes away today.

PASRI DEBU KAEN NA (Sankha, edited by Mayadhar Mansingh, 1944) was the first published poem of Sri Nakfudi Panda.

A great loss to Kosli literature. May his soul rest in peace!

Late Sri Panda speaking at the Kosal Sahitya Sanskruti Academy, Sonepur

Following is a poem by Sri Nakfudi Panda:

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Registered newspapers and magazines published in Kosli language

Following screen-shot is taken from

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Kosli books released for school

Update (September 5): The Sambad reports about the Kosli language book release function:

Following message and graphic were posted in various e-groups by Saket:

Two books in Kosli for school children were released on 3rd Sept at RK Nodal School, Buromunda . The books were written by Saket Sreebhushan Sahu and Published by Beni Publications with the financial support of Shri Santosh Mishra, Shri Manoj Mishra, and Shri Rajendra Kumar Mishra.

The books, AASARE PILE KATHANI KAHEMA and AASA KOSLI SIKHMA were  released by Shri Haldhar Nag, Sri Saket Sreebhushan Sahu, Sri Janek Kuanr,  Sri Dilip Joshi, and Sri Dibya Kisor Panda.

These two books will be taught at Haldhar Abasik Banabidyalay where as it will be unofficially taught at Buromunda UP Scool, Baidpali Up School and Jogimath Up School.


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Aasa Kosli Sikhma: Introduction to Kosli language grammar and Varna for children (primer)

Following graphic is taken from the FB page of BENI:

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Aasare Pile Kathani Kahema: a Kosli language children story book

Following graphic is taken from BENI’s FB page:

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Kosli language books

Following graphics are taken from BENI’s Facebook page:

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Kosal Bhasar Gabesana Pratisthan: An organization for the research on Kosli language

The following screen shot is taken from As far as I know, this is the only non-government organization dedicated for the research on Kosli language and culture of western Odisha. It is constantly highlighting and promoting Kosli language, arts & crafts, culture of the tribal’s through its magazine “DHOL”.

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Sanjay Mishra’s Kosli book “Maraguda”

If you will get a chance take a look on this Kosli language  poetry collection book: (Thanks to Saket and Sanjay babu for the pointer and the following graphic)

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Kosli language children e-Book “Titi Tian” launched

Following is a report from the Pioneer:

A Kosli e-Book titled Titi Tian for primary learning of children written by Surama Mishra, editor of Paschimanchala newspaper was launched at a ceremony attended by the litterateurs of the steel city on Sunday.

Octogenarian writer Umashankar Panda from Sambalpur was the chief guest at the function. He lauded Mishra’s novel attempt for presenting a long-awaited book to the tiny tots of the Kosal region and blessed her for more creative works to enrich the Kosli literature. Noted writer of the steel city Radhu Mishra also praised Mishra for taking the pain of writing such a book for children. Chairman of Kosli Ekta Manch Gorekhnath Sahu said the book, the first of its kind, would be a milestone in the history of the Kosli language and literature.

The treasurer of the Kosal Sahitya Academy wanted 5,000 copies of the book instantaneously for distribution among students in villages. Publisher Swarup Mishra conducted an e demonstration of the book through

The release of the book has boosted the enthusiasm of those involved in promotion of the Kosli language and seeking its Constitutional recognition.

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Rare photographs of late Pandit Prayag Dutt Joshi

Late Pandit Prayag Dutt Joshi of Khariar, Nuapada district is a house-hold name in western Odisha. He is credited for propagating the “Kosli language movement”. A master in Sanskrit, Kosli and other Indian languages late Joshi wrote a book “Kosli Bhasar Sankhipt  Parichay” (An brief Introduction to Kosli language). He is also credited for propagating the use of Devanagari lipi to write Kosli language.

A well wisher of Kosli language Mr. Sudhansu Khamari sent us following pictures of late Joshi. We thank Mr. Khamari for sending us these pictures.

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