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Rangabati Re Rangabati song to cheer crowd in Cuttack

Following report is from The Pioneer:

The popular Sambalpuri song Rangabati Re Rangabati will reverberate at the Barabati Stadium during the 3rd one-day cricket match between India and Sri Lanka to be played on December 21. “We will not engage any cheer girls outside the State. But the girls from Odisha wearing Sambalpur sarees will dance as per the tune of the popular songs of the Odia album during the breaks,” said Odisha Cricket Association Secretary Asirbad Behera after attending a meeting convened by Police Commissioner BK Sharma here. However, he added that OCA would select the songs which would be played during the match.

Later, addressing a Press conference, Sharma said all attempts would be made stop black marketing of tickets. “All the tickets would be printed out side the State. The ticket will bear the signature of the DCP. Tickets would be sold through Allahabad bank,” he said.

Sharma further said that adequate security measures would be taken to provide security cover to the players and officials. “There are a number of players and officials who come under Z category. No compromise would be made on the security aspect,” he said, adding that police are aware of the threat perception to the Sri Lanka players. “We know how they had escaped an attack in Pakistan . We will keep it mind while reviewing the security aspect. We do have sufficient time in our hand to make full proof arrangements,” he said.

Both the team will arrive at Bhubaneswar on December 19 and stay at Mayfair Hotel. They will attend a practice session for two days before the final match on December 21. The present seating capacity of Barabati Stadium is about 40,000 including complimentary passes. Out of total 30,500 tickets, 13,500 tickets are reserved for BCCI sponsors, members and affiliated units of the OCA. The tickets would be sold on December 18. Rs 400-tickets would be available for Gallery number 1, 2.3,4.5, 6 and 7, Rs 200 tick for Gallery -5. Tickets for the special enclosure-Rs 1500, Pavilion (New)-Rs 3,000, Corporate Box( Block A and B)-Rs 2000 and Corporate boxes- Rs 8000.

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