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Vedanta company is committed for the development of Kalahandi

Following is a report from The Statesman:

Responding to the call for increased focus and effort on overall development of Kalahandi district, Mr Ajit Kumar Samal, senior vice president of Vedanta Aluminium Ltd said the company was committed to such activity in its area of operations.

Recently, a citizen’s forum had organised a meeting on mining of Niyamgiri hills by Vedanta company. Congress MP, Mr Bhakta Charan Das, a strong opponent of the project had addressed the gathering alongwith several other eminent personalities and activists. Significantly, the meeting dealt with several demands including a comprehensive development plan for the district which, they said, ought to be implemented by VAL. The forum desired that Vedanta should undertake a comprehensive development plan in the underdeveloped district ok Kalahandi as well as in the peripheral villages in the Lanjigarh project area.

On being asked about this, Vedanta Aluminium’s senior vice president, Mr Ajit Kumar Samal said: “Vedanta reiterates commitment to the development of the area with particular emphasis on the welfare of local tribes. This will be evident from a number of CSR initiatives that the company has undertaken in the field of healthcare, education and livelihood. Vedanta respects the views of the local forum and is happy to discuss with the forum on the specific development needs of the area.”

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World Bank grant for various road viz. Bhawanipatna-Kahariar, Sambalpur-Rourkela and others may return

Following report is from The Samaja:20091030a_007101001

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Vedanta Should Establish a Multidisciplinary University in Kalahandi: A Report from Dharitri

Following is a report from Dharitri:


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Samruddha Odisha proposed for Establishing Vedanta University in Western Odisha

Following is a report from

President of the Samruddha Orissa  Dr Jatish Mohanty has proposed the state government to set up the Vedanta University in some parts of the Western Orissa region instead of Puri-Konark marine drive.

As Vedanta is setting up of the plant in western Orissa and the mines are also located in the region the university should be set up there . He said that the sea-beach land which is meant for tourism based industries should not be given for the university.

He demanded that before giving land to the university, the opinion of the people of the State should be taken into consideration.

If tourism based industries are set up on the sea-beach, lakhs of job opportunities can be created and if the state government does not take any pro-active step regarding it his party would launch an agitation soon .


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Proposal for ministadium in Langigarh and CS Rampur

Following is a report from The Dharitri:


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Vedanta must focus on all-round development of Kalahandi: Bhakta Das

Following is a report from express

To explore bauxite in Kalahandi, Vedanta Aluminium Ltd (VAL) need to pay a price. It should help develop the district. Chief of Green Kalahandi, an anti-VAL outfit, and MP Bhakta Charan Das said this at a day-long debate organised by the outfit here yesterday. It was attended by anti and pro-VAL activists, opinion-makers and intellectuals of the district.

Bhakta said VAL should mine bauxite in Soma mali and Sirji mali in the district in view of rich bio-diversity and tribal concentration in Niyamgiri.

Mining in Niyamgiri can only be considered if national level scientists give a report that mining will not disturb bio-diversity and tribal life, he said. Over and above that to undertake mining in the district, VAL should be prepared to announce a package for the district, Das said.

He said unless VAL agrees to the package, prepared by the outfit, it will face mass movement from December for closure of its alumina refinery plant at Lanjigarh. He said the company can’t be allowed to benefit at the cost of the district and its people.

After further analysis of the draft package and rectifications it will be submitted to VAL and State Government and there will be open debate taking public into confidence, he said.

The draft package pertains to environment, water supply, employment, education, health services, culture and infrastructure. Regarding environment, the proposal states that the company should ensure environment and ecology are not disturbed and a central team should visit the mine area in every four months for assessment. Environment clearance should be reviewed every year. For protection of ground water, VAL should construct a barrage at Kesinga over Tel river from where the company is now drawing water for its Lanjigarh plant.

To create employment avenues for BPL families, VAL should invest for dairy and poultry projects in a phased manner.

Local entrepreneurs should be given opportunity to set up ancillary industries and the displaced persons as well as Dangria/ Jharnia Kondhs should be taken as share holders of the company so that they can have stake in the company.

VAL should extend Vedanta university in Puri to Kalahandi to impart education on geology, anthropology, tribal studies and ethnic medicinal system.

All these may cost VAL around Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 crore, Das said.

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