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EU funded Indian Centre for Contemporary Research established in Poland

Following is a report from IANS published in The Hindu:

An Indian Centre for Contemporary Research has been set up by the European Union at Warsaw University to cater to a growing interest in India in Europe.

“The centre will meet the demands of the students from Central and East European countries and it will act as a bridge between Indian universities, particularly Jawaharlal Nehru University and Central University of Hyderabad, along with other EU funded centres in the European Union countries,” said Marie-Theresa Duffy Hausler, the representative of EU in Poland.

“This new baby has to be properly nourished and let us make him healthy so that it could be a model for other EU funded institutions,” she added.

“We are honoured that the EU commission has selected Warsaw University for its pioneer step to promote understanding between EU and India in the educational field. The centre will take up a Masters Course on Indian Studies shortly and that too in English language so that it could meet the requirements of EU students,” said Pawel Wajczehowski, Poland’s vice minister for foreign affairs.

“It is a great day for India that EU has given a proper status to the emerging power of India. There is no doubt India has progressed tremendously well in the last 15 years and the profile of India deserves a better understanding of India, rather than an old exotic India label in European Union countries,” said Rajesh Vashenav, the Indian charge d’affaires at the inauguration ceremony at the Senate Hall of the university.

“We in our Hyderabad University will give a big support to the newly established centre. We are ready to host the first joint seminar in January 2011,” said Prakash Sarangi, pro-vice chancellor of the University of Hyderabad, who was invited to the ceremony.

There was a big competition among the EU countries to establish an Indian Studies Centre but the EU Commission selected Poland and Denmark among 27 countries. The centre will get specialists from other European countries along with teachers from India.


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