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BOOKS: History of Kosal and Sonepur

The western world is very good at preserving places of historical importance. Even in Asia, countries like China, Japan and South Korea have undertaken tremendous efforts to restore centers of historical and cultural heritage. But, things are very different in western Odisha. Forget about preserving these centers, the Odisha government has systematically erased the history of western Odisha and Somavamsi Kings from the prescribed text books. My native place (the undivided Balangir district) has a very rich history. However, we were never taught about it in schools. Following are few interesting books by Dr. Sadananda Agrawal on the history of western Odisha.

Following images were taken from the FB page of Dr. Agrawal:




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Inscriptions of Subarnapur

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Sonepur, the headquarters of Subarnapur district of Orissa, has witnessed the rise and fall of many royal dynasties the Bhanjas, Somavamsis, Teluguchodas, Kalachuris, Gangas and Chauhans. They left footprints of their cultural heritage on monuments, copperplates, coins, rocks and stones scattered here and there through the length and breadth of Subarnapur.

This book attempts to record the voice of history engraved on slabs of stone or pieces of metal. It presents interpretation of 19 inscriptions of Subarnapur throwing a flood of light on the political, social, cultural and economic life under the Chauhans who ruled this region for about 300 years.

The Stambhes vari Stone Inscription Lupursinga Copperplate The Meghla Grant of Raja Prithvi Sing The Gobindpur Charter of Prithvi Sing The Ghikundhi Copperplate Grant of Prithvi Sing Inscription on the Ka s i Vis vana th Temple of Lupursinga The Baghmarakud Rock Inscription Four Inscriptions of the Gundicha Temple Inscription on the Laks mi -Narasim ha Image of the Gundicha Temple Inscription on a Red Sandstone of the Bhairava Temple Two Marble Inscriptions of the Pa rvati Temple The Gopa lji Temple Inscription The Pan caratha Temple Stone Inscription Marble Inscription of the Pa rvati pati Temple, Parvatipur Appendix I: A New Copperplate Grant of the Time of Mahasivagupta Yayati-II Appendix II Bibliography Index Illustrations

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Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo and his research work on South Kosal

Following information is taken from D.K.Printworld website:

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Social condition of “western Orissa” during sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

We thank the author for sending us a copy of the article. This article was published in  Shodhak, Vol. 41 Pt A Sr 121/ Basant 2067/ January – April 2011, Jaipur,  pp. 20-33. Click here to read the complete article.

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Cultural Legacy of Western Odisha

Following is a book on western Odisha:

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Sudam Naik: An author of more than 100 articles and four books on western Orissa

Following report is from the Telegraph

For 37-year-old Sonepur youth Sudam Naik, who comes from a humble background, achieving the distinction of being of the most successful researchers of the history of Western Orissa is no mean achievement.

He never studied in big cities or in renowned institutions. He passed matriculation from Maharaja High School in Sonepur and went to Sonepur College for graduation. Yet he has made a name for himself in the field of research on the history of Western Orissa, particularly Sonepur.

Naik has written over 100 articles in different Oriya journals and authored four books — Subarnapur Sahityara Itihasa (2006), Subarnapur Darbari Sahitya (2008), Mandira Malini Subarnapur (2006) and Subarnapur Itihasa (2011) — on the history of Sonepur.

Naik developed an interest for research on the history of Western Orissa in 1989-90 when he was studying in Sonepur College. “It was 1989-90. I was doing my graduation and developed an interest in research on arts and culture of Western Orissa. Eminent historian Prof Jagnya Kumar Sahu was the principal of our college and there was a book written by him in our course. When I came in his contact, I took interest in the history of Western Orissa, particularly Sonepur”, Naik said.

Naik said Prof Sahu acted as his philosopher and guide in his mission to work on the history of Western Orissa. “It was Prof Sahu who inspired me to take to research. Noted historian Sadananda Agrawal also helped and guided me,” Naik said.

Naik’s first book was Mandira Malini Subarnapur (temple town Subarnapur), which was published in 2006. “My articles on the temples of Subarnapur were serialised in various Oriya newspapers and later compiled into a book called Mandira Malini Subarnapur in 2006,” Naik said.

Talking about his source of research, Naik said he largely depended on the ‘darbari’ literature of Sonepur, which was published during the regime of Maharaja Bikramitradaya Singhdeo.

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Goddes Sureswari of Sonepur

Following article is taken from Orissa Review:

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