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Demand for ESIC Medical College at Rourkela gains momentum

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

To exert pressure on the State, a mass convention was organised by the Action Committee for Establishment of ESIC Medical College and Hospital at Bisra Maidan on Sunday here. Leaders of all political parties except the ruling BJD, trade unions and civil societies attended the convention expressing their solidarity with the Action Committee for the larger interests of Sundargargh district. Surprisingly, neither the two BJD MLAs, despite their presence in Rourkela, nor any one of their frontal leaders turned up at the convention.

While the entire district is united on the common issue, the allegedly uncooperative attitude of the BJD has raised eyebrows of the Rourkelites.Rajgangpur MLA Gregory Minz and Talsara MLA Prafulla Majhi assured that they would raise the issue in the forthcoming Assembly session while former Speaker Kishore Patel called for broadening of the Action Committee by involving more people from various walks of life in Sundargarh, Jharsuguda, Sambalpur and Keonjhar districts.

Trade union leaders like Satyapriya Mohanty(SUCI), RK Mishra(BMS), Jahangir Alli and Biman Maity(both CITU), Pravat Mishra(AITUC) and HMS representatives also supported the demand. They argued that more than 70% of Insured Persons(IPs) under ESIC in the State belong to the ‘under-privileged’ Sundargarh, Jharsuguda, Keonjhar and Sambalpur districts.

Sundargarh District Congress Committee president Raju Sarangi, Sundargarh MP Hemananda Biswal’s representative Dusmanta Naik, Rourkela District Congress Committee and Rourkela Shramik Sangh president Prasanta Behera, BJP leader Khagendra Pradhan, Congress leader BN Pattnaik, former Bonai CPI(M) MLA Laxman Munda,former Rourkela Municipality chairman Nihar Ray supported the issue and called for spreading the demand among the IPs.

Similarly, Rourkela Chamber of Commerce president Subrat Pattnaik, Rourkela Bar Association president Ramesh Bal and Rourkela Press Club secretary Mihir Ray also supported the demand. They all viewed that for years together Sundargarh district has been neglected in the health sector. Though Rourkela is a major city, so far the super specialist hospitals for heart, neuro, kidney and cancer treatments have not yet been available here whereas the State is promoting private hospitals, they alleged adding though in Bhubaneswar there are number of super specialist hospitals and medical colleges and many more on anvil, the State is adamant on setting up ESIC Medical College at Bhubaneswar. It shows the apathetic attitude of the State towards Sundargarh in particular and western Odisha in general, they further fumed.

It was unanimously decided that a team consisting of local MP Hemananda Biswal, Rajya Sabha member Mangala Kisan, two local MLAs Gregory Minz and Prafulla Majhi and CITU State general secretary Bishnu Mohanty will meet the Prime Minister and Union Labour Minister on February 25 during the Parliament session. The team will also meet Central Labour Secretary and DG ESIC. It was also decided to expand the Action Committee by inducting all the elected representatives of the district and student leaders to intensify the stir. It was also decided to meet the Chief Minister and Labour Minister during the Assembly session. The mass convention was held under the chairmanship of its convenor Muralidhar Parija. CITU State secretary Bishnu Mohanty gave the keynote address and briefed on the steps taken up so far on the issue.


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Bhubaneswar gets ESIC medical college and Rourkela gets ESIC dental and nursing college

Following is a report from The Samaja:

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Memorandum for establishing ESIC medical college & hospital in Rourkela


Her Excellency

President of India

Rashtrapati Bhawan , New Delhi

Her Excellency ,

We the undersigned draw your kind attention to the fact that Employees State Insurance Corporation under the Government of India, Ministry of  Labour has taken a decision in principle to establish 12 ESI Super Specialty Hospital & Medical colleges in different states of India. Incidentally Odisha which is a backward state particularly in health sector has got one for which entire funding will be made by ESI Corporation . The said fund is the accumulation of surplus and unutilized money of Insured Persons (IPs) working in different industries and establishments in the country.   It is therefore necessary that such medical College and Hospital ought to be established in such a place where  more  number of IPs and poor working class people of unorganized sector are living & to facilitate them for health care .

So far Odisha is concerned , there are about 2.70 lakhs of IPs in the state and more are in the line to be added. Out of the said figure of IPs more than 65% are from tribal dominated area of Sundargarh , Jharsuguda , Keonjhar and Part of Sambalpur district where more than 50% of total population are tribal  of which Rourkela is the nerve centre . Rourkela is also well connected by Rail and Road communication from different parts of the said districts and our state.

After the decision in this regard was announced , we are representing all concerned and  have already requested & submitted a memorandum to establish the said Hospital and Medical college at Rourkela to different Central and State Government authorities earlier. In the mean time Non Resident Odias living in different part of globe had represented memorandum to different Central and State Government authorities.

Unfortunately a decision is taken to open the said institution at Bhubaneswar, the state Head Quarter  where there are about 10 Medical College ad Hospitals are operating  with many other medical establishments ( About 7 Medical Colleges and Hospitals in and aound ) where only 25% of the IPs of ESIC  are living . We learnt that Your Excellency is invited for the foundation stone laid ceremony on 9th of December at Bhubaneswar for the said purpose.

We sincerely condemn the decision of the concerned authority as Whimsical , partisan and  inappropriate contrary to the justification of the said establishment because this is unjustified and unable to full fill the very cause of interest of IPs of ESI Corporation.

Your Excellency is the head of the Welfare  Democratic Country of India. Your intervention is highly solicited in the said matter . You are requested not to attend the foundation laid  ceremony at Bhubaneswar since  the mass public resentment and agitation against the said decision is going on in the western part of Odisha and also for the greater interest of IPs of ESIC.

Thanking you

Best regards


Prashant K Sahoo

OdiSA Development Team , Members of Odia Samaja & Well Wishers of Odisha

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MPs of Western Odisha demand ESIC medical at Rourkela

Following is a report from the

Four senior Congress MPs from Western Orissa have demanded establishment of the proposed ESIC medical college and hospital at Rourkela in Sundargarh district instead of near the Capital for which the State Government is insisting on.

Though the maximum number of industrial and mine workers reside in the area which is tribal dominated, it has been neglected in the health sector since Independence, the four MPs said in a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The four MPs, former chief minister Hemananda Biswal, former Union minister Bhakta Charan Das, former minister Amarnath Pradhan and Sanjay Bhoi, said that the area includes border districts and industrial belt of Jharsuguda, Deogarh, Keonjhar, Bargarh and Sambalpur. Out of the 2.4 lakh ESI insured persons in the State, 1.4 lakh are from this area, they said and added that the first public sector integrated steel plant was established at Rourkela in 1955.

That the area has been neglected is evident from the fact it has only one medical college and hospital, they said, adding that it does not have a super speciality medical and health care facility. They said that regional imbalance will have to be bridged for overall development of the State as well as gaining the confidence of the tribals.

Though several medical colleges are going to be set up in the State in the near future, none of these has been proposed to be established in this region.

While the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is going to be set up near Bhubaneswar, another medical recommended by the Human Resource Development Ministry will be set up in the coastal district. Besides, another medical college recommended by the Ministry of Railways will be established at Bhubaneswar. Two more medical colleges have been recommended to be set up Koraput and Talcher. Bhubaneswar city also has three private medical colleges and hospitals, they said.

The MPs said that the establishment of an ESI medical college and hospital will cater to their needs of the industrial workers in a tribal-dominated region. Besides, it will create more employment and means of livelihood contributing to the economy of the area, they added.

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Western Odisha demands ESIC medical college in Rourkela

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

Despite declaration of the date for laying the foundation stone for the much-awaited ESIC Medical College and Hospital in Bhubaneswar, the residents of Rourkela have not lost hope at all. Rather they have embarked on a mission to put pressure on both the Central and State Governments to shift the location to Rourkela.

The Action Committee for Establishment of ESIC Medical College and Hospital held a demonstration in front of the Sub-Collector’s Office here demanding to set up the proposed institution in Rourkela. Earlier a rally was held from Ambedkar Chowk to the Sub-Collector’s Office. Among others, CITU State general secretary Bishnu Mohanty, senior advocate and president of Rourkela Press Club Muralidhar Parija, Gobardhan Pujari, former MLA and Congress leader Prabhat Mohapatra, president of Rourkela Chamber of Commerce and Industries Subrat Patnaik, CITU leaders Jahangir Alli and Biman Maity, and CPM leaders Surendra Das and Rajkishore Pradhan participated in the demonstration.

They said that the proposed medical college should be set up in Rourkela as more than 75% of ESI beneficiaries belong to western Odisha in general and Rourkela in particular. The speakers urged the elected representatives of western Odisha to stand by their demand and put pressure on the Government irrespective of their party affiliations.

If the Government still lends a deaf ear to their demands they threatened a massive demonstration by the beneficiaries of ESI. A memorandum in this effect was submitted to the President of India through the Sub-Collector, Rourkela, and copies of which were sent to the Prime Minister and the Odisha Chief Minister.

The memorandum to the President, who is coming to Bhubaneswar to lay the foundation stone on December 9, stated that the ESIC, under the Government of India, Ministry of Labour, decided in principle to establish 12 ESI Super Specialty Hospital and Medical Colleges in different States of India. Odisha, which is a backward State, especially in health sector, got one college for which the entire funding will be made by the ESI Corporation.

The said fund is the accumulation of surplus and unutilised money of insured persons (IPs) working in different industries and establishments in the country. It is therefore necessary that such medical college and hospital ought to be set up in such a place where more number of IPs and poor working class people of unorganised sector are living so that they get proper healthcare, the memorandum stated.

Meanwhile, non-resident Odias (NROs) also represented our memorandum to different Central and State Government authorities. But unfortunately, a decision has now been taken to open the said institution in Bhubaneswar where there are already about 10 medical colleges and hospitals and several reputed medical establishments where only 5% of the IPs of ESIC are residing, the memorandum pointed out.

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ESIC Medical College and Hospital must be established in Rourkela

Following is a report from The Dharitri:

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Demand for ESI Medical College in Rourkela continues

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

Leading non-resident Odia (NRO) Sandip Dasverma continues to bat for an ESI Medical College at Rourkela, though the State Government has turned a blind eye to the demand of the people of the steel city. Thanks to the alleged poor leadership of Rourkela, MLA Sarada Prasad Nayak, who is the Minister of Food and Civil Supplies, the demand has not been heeded by the Government. However, justifying his stand, Dasverma has come out with a detailed memo to the Government.

Dasverma says that Odisha’s development should take into account development of all regions of the State. But such a thought process is sadly missing, for which Rourkela as location of an ESI Medical College is being ignored. And this has resulted in regional resentment and regionalism, warned he.

He says Rourkela should have been recommended for the first ESI Medical College rather than the second by the State Government, as recently reported in the media. With Bhubaneswar being the destination of nine other medical colleges, one more would not mean much to the capital city whereas it would certainly matter a lot for Rourkela, which has none, he argues.

Dasverma further adds that Rourkela has the main concentration of Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Insured persons, which is about 60 per cent, while the other 40 per cent live in and around Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. Rourkela should, therefore, get the priority as location of an ESI Medical College and Hospital, he strongly feels.

He points out that people of four districts, Sundargarh, Keonjhar, Jharsugda and Sambalpur would benefit due to an ESI Medical College and Hospital at Rourkela. Some more insured persons of the contiguous State of Jharkhand would also be benefitted.
He says Rourkela is the heart of Odisha’s tribal north-west and dotted with dirty mining industries.

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KDDF proposed education development in Western Orissa

Following is a report from MeriNews :

WELCOMING FORMATION of Higher Education Task Force, members of Koshal Dishcussion and Development Forum (KDDF) has send a proposal to the chief minister of Orissa, Higher Education Task Force and government of Orissa to focus on the development of higher education in various neglected centers of Western Orissa viz Sambalpur, Bargarh, Kalahandi, Balangir and Suderdarh. The members have categorically presented the various reasons for which Western Orissa is having poor literacy rate as compared to coastal Orissa and has lower gross enrolment ratio (GER) in higher education. One of the serious concerns pointed out was political negligence.

Political negligence
Politically, Western Orissa or Koshal region of Orissa has been seriously neglected in higher education. Most of the new Central government institutions are coming in Cuttack-Bhubaneswar and South Orissa region and not a single one is established in Western Orissa which lacks sufficient number of higher educational and research institutions despite consisting a vast area and population. The state government has at the last moment betrayed for a Central University in Kalahandi and ignored demand of IIT in Sambalpur. Recently, Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Medical College was also not feasible in Balangir whereas, National Steel Institute was established in Puri instead of Sundergarh. The continuous political negligence towards Western Orissa should be stopped for the betterment of this region in higher education.

Improving faculties in existing major colleges
Without improving present infrastructure GER in higher education will never enhance. Most of the major colleges in Western Orissa are being neglected by state government. Presently, there are many regular vacant faculty posts existing in G M Autonomous College Sambalpur, Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna, Panchayat College Bargarh, Rajendra Autonomous College Balangir, Government Autonomous College Sundergarh etc. In fact, condition of higher education in Western Orissa is further downgraded in the last 10 years by directly affecting GER. For example, Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna (GACB) has 38 vacant regular posts at this moment unlike a decade ago.

There were eight faculties serving in Chemistry department of GACB a decade ago and now only two of them are serving for the whole college. Same is the case in other departments and colleges in Western Orissa. Without adequate number of faculties, how GER in higher education will improve? We propose that within a year, sufficient number of regular faculties should be recruited for the above colleges in Western Orissa on regular basis. As state government claims most of the time faculties from other parts of Orissa are unwilling to serve in Kalahandi, Balangir and other regions of Western Orissa, therefore, regular faculties in this region should be recruited in the local level through local level tests opening the possibility for candidates from the whole state.

Unitary universities and autonomous colleges
G M Autonomous College, Sambalpur and Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna were among first three colleges along with Ravenshaw Autonomous College Cuttack chosen by UGC as ‘Potential Centre of Excellence’ in Orissa. Ravenshaw Autonomous College was converted to a Unitary University by the state government which helps in its growth and getting UGC funding, whereas both G M Autonomous College Sambalpur and Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna are still being neglected by the state government. These two colleges should be immediately converted to Unitary Universities. Similarly Panchayat College Bargarh, Government Autonomous College Sundergarh and Rajendra Autonomous College Balangir should be expanded to full-fledged educational institutes by opening PG courses including computer sciences, management, biotechnology and nursing.

New Central and state government institutions
Since Western Orissa lacks sufficient number of higher educational institutions and opening new campuses is as expensive as establishing new institution, establishing new central and state government institutions and upgrading present existing institutions to higher level would be beneficial for Western Orissa in general.

A branch of Central Rice Institute should come-up in Bargarh. An Indian Institute of Management should be established in Sambalpur and steel institute in Sundergarh. National University should be established in Western Orissa. Along this line, keeping sentiment of Kalahandi people, the proposed National University in Bhubaneswar should be pursued with the Central government to establish in Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi. Also, we urge to establish the proposed Health University Balangir.

Converting to university
BPUT in Rourkela should be converted to a full-fledged science and technology university having education and research in the line of Anna University Chennai. Similarly, Agriculture College at Bhawanipatna should be converted to a full-fledged agriculture and animal husbandry university. The Harishankar and Gandhamardan Mountain provides adequate atmosphere to have a university for ayurvedic and herbal medicine. We urgue to combine Sri Nrusinghanath Ayurvedic College, Paikmal, Bargarh and the Government Ayurvedic Colleges in Balangir and establish University of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine. VSS medical college should be pursued to be made an AIIMS type institution.

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ESIC Medical College Issue: Odisha govt. showing step-motherly attitude towards Koshal region

Thanks to Odiasamaja for the following news:

Following report is from The Dharitri:

20091023 dharitri.gif-ESIC

Following report is from The Samaja:

20091022 samaja.jpgESIC

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Meeting of Ministers, MP and MLAs regarding ESIC medical college in RKL

Thanks to Prashant K Sahoo of OdiaSamaja for the following news items:



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