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Funds remain unspent amidst demand for separate Koshal state

Following is a report from The Statesman:

 At a time when the students, lawyers and other intellectuals of western Orissa have stepped up their movement demanding a separate state, accusing that this portion of the state has always been neglected in terms of scanty funds for developmental works, here is a classic example how funds in crores meant for pro-poor programmes remain unspent.

It is disclosed that Sambalpur municipality has not yet spent Rs 7.5 crore allotted under integrated housing for slum development programme, a government of India project, which may get lapsed if remains unutilised.

Such a huge fund is meant for construction of houses for the urban poor of BPL category at the cost of Rs 1.20 lakh each and 613 poor people in 20 different slums can avail direct benefit if the houses are constructed. This will also be helpful in putting an end to the slum culture in this town in phase manner. But it is learnt that in spiting of floating tenders for three times no contractor has come forward to execute the work. As per provisions, any NGO or contractor fulfilling certain criteria can only be eligible to participate in the tender. “But in spite of frequent tenders no NGOs or contractor is submitting tender for the work. This gives us a major setback since we may lose the money,” said Mr Manoj Patra, the assistant engineer of the municipality.

There is also strict instruction from government to utilise the fund during the current fiscal year which is only four months ahead to be completed. In such circumstances the municipality authorities are obvious to be worried over the problem. “Non participation in the tender is really a problem before us. But not to lose the money, we will apprise the government of the genuine problem,” said Mr Nirmal Chandra Satapathy, the in-charge executive officer of Sambalpur municipality.

Meanwhile, the activists of Koshal Kranti Dal, a regional party formed exclusively for formation of a separate state comprising districts of western Orissa submitted a memorandum addressed to the Union Home Minister through the collector of Sambalpur.
“This is just the beginning of Koshal movement and no force can stop it. The agitation like that of the freedom struggle of our country and will end with a new state for us,” said Mr Upendra Mahapatra the district president of the party.

The party activists also burnt chief minister Mr Naveen Patnaik in effigy and tore a map of Orissa to voice their demand.
Mr Sunil Nanda, Mr Nirmal Das, Mrs Minakshi Majhi and many others were present in today’s agitation.

It may be noted that students of Sambalpur University and members of the District Bar Association had also held demonstrations here demanding separate Koshal state over the last two days.


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Now lawyers want separate Koshal state

Following report is from The Statesman:   

A day after students of Sambalpur University revived the demand for a separate Koshal state comprising western parts of Orissa, by boycotting classes and threatening to launch a massive movement, the lawyers lent their support to the cause today.The district bar association (DBA) of Sambalpur which has been demanding for a High Court bench in any place of western Orissa will now be at the forefront of the movement for a separate state, said Mr Pradeep Kumar Bahidar, the president of the association. 

“Since the state government is acting callous about this popular demand by the people of western Orissa and intentionally keeping the region backward and underdeveloped for years together, the bar association has decided to spearhead the demand for the formation of new state, in order to solve the problem of under-development,” he added. 

DBA, Sambalpur, will support any non-political organization that will carry out the movement for a separate state. Since students organizations at Bolangir and Sambalpur have come forward for a separate state, Sambalpur DBA and all other districts of western region will extend their support wholeheartedly and also actively take part in agitational activities.
Mr Bahidar along with the general secretary of association, Mr Chitta Ranjan Panda and other lawyers alleged that state government, in a planned manner, was doing everything to spoil the very future and productivity of this region.

They warned the state government to refrain from the practice of divide and rule since people of western Orissa are now well aware of such mean tactics. 

Mr Bahidar further informed that cease-work by lawyers in the last three days of the month will be held from 23 December to 26 December in view of the state lawyers’ conference at Rairangpur.

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Koshal state: Lawyers up the ante

Following is a report from The

The dust raised over creation of a separate state comprising districts of western Orissa refuses to settle down with members of the Sambalpur Bar Association (SBA) joining the bandwagon.

Speaking to mediapersons today, president of SBA Pradeep Bohidar welcomed all the organisations demanding creation of separate state comprising districts of western Orissa and assured all support in the stir.

Maintaining that the State Government is pursuing the policy of ‘divide and rule’ be it setting up High Court bench in the region or creation of a separate state, he said that the State Government was trying to put the people of the region against each other.

Elaborating on the stir over setting up of permanent HC bench in western Orissa and issuing an ultimatum to the State Government to declare it by January next, Bohidar said that it will be the final fight and the members of the Bar Association would not only sit on fast unto death but may also resort to economic blockade.

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Sambalpur lawyers to lead separate Koshal state stir

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

The District Bar Association (DBA) of Sambalpur that has been demanding a high court bench in western Odisha, on Wednesday declared that it would also remain in the forefront of the agitation for a separate state.

Since the State Government is callous about the popular demand and intentionally keeping the region underdeveloped for years, the Bar Association has taken such a stand for formation of a new State, said DBA president Pradeep Kumar Bahidar.

He said the DBA would support any non-political organisation that is willing to would launch a movement for a separate state. Since students’ organisations in Balangir and Sambalpur have come forward in support of a separate State, the Sambalpur DBA would extend its support wholeheartedly, he added.

Bahidar, general secretary of DBA Chitta Ranajan Panda and all senior and young lawyers further alleged that the State Government is in a planned manner doing everything to spoil the very future of this region. Water is diverted to industries instead of agriculture and forests are being denuded. Local youth have a little share in employment and businesses opportunities in the new industries. They warned the Government to refrain from the divide-and-rule practice since people are now well aware of this policy of the coastal leadership.

Bahidar also informed that the cease-work stir by lawyers in the last three days of the month would be held from 23rd to 26th of the current month in view of the State-level lawyers’ conference at Rairangpur.

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