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Govt. to set up an Ikat Handloom Park in Bargarh district

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BHUBANESWAR: Despite having finest designs and tremendous market potential, bottlenecks such as low productivity, decentralised production and lack of aggressive marketing strategies have come in the way of the State’s handloom sector. This notwithstanding, the handloom sector has the largest rural self-employment potential next to agriculture in the State. Odisha is home to around 1.30 lakh artisans and two lakh weavers.  To give a boost to the sector and address the shortcomings, the State Government has initiated a series of special measures.

The Government is helping the sector by developing clusters, through group approach and by providing financial and infrastructure assistance among others.  As per the State Plan for Promotion of Handloom Sector, the Textile and Handloom Department has started providing 100 per cent infrastructure assistance and 90 per cent financial aid for technological interventions to the weavers.  The Government has also implemented a Centrally-sponsored scheme __ Integrated Handloom Development Scheme. It aims at facilitating sustainable development of handloom  weavers, located in identified handloom clusters, into a cohesive, self- managing and competitive group. Under the Scheme, the Department has taken up cluster development approach that focuses on formation of weavers’ groups as a visible entity so that the groups become self-sustainable. Of the 52 clusters identified in the country in the last three years, the Centre has approved the highest number of 35 clusters in the State. Each cluster covers 300 to 500 handlooms. Another initiative under the Scheme is group approach to help handloom weavers who are not covered by clusters.

The Centre has so far recognised 91 such groups in the State. Sources said steps are being taken to set up a Sambalpuri Ikat Handloom Park in Bargarh district which has the biggest handloom cluster in the State. The park is reportedly coming up on Bijepur-Barpali route and as many as 100 stakeholders, mostly comprising master weavers, have joined hands for the project. This would help in capacity building of the weavers and also teach weaving to the people of non-weaver communities. “This apart, we have a design studio coming up near SIDAC complex at Gandamunda here and efforts are also on to set up a handloom and handicraft museum in the City,” said Director of Textiles B C Mohapatra while talking to this paper.

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Coppersmiths of Gudbhelipadar village are famous in India for making copper snakes

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Gudbhelipadar Village in Orissa’s Bouda District is today known for its dozens of coppersmith families who have gained popularity for their copper snakes used in different parts of the country.

Each of these over forty families takes pride in the fact that it has been successful at carrying forward a legacy despite all odds. Irrespective of financial crunch and no support from the local government agencies, the families here lead a content life.

These coppersmith families belong to Maharana caste and locally known as “Meher”. They have been involved in this work of making copper snakes since ages. All these years, these families have cherished a dream to keep the ancestral art alive.

Rajesh Sahu, one of the artists said: “All our forefathers were involved in this work. We have learnt it from them and since then we are doing it. We earn our livelihood by doing this work. The Government has not provided any help in marketing our products. We do not get any loan to expand our activities. Department of Handicrafts is also not helping us.”

Praful Kumar, another artisan, said: “First, we cut the copper sheet in different body parts of snake, we heat them up. After that, we bend the copper from where we want to and at that time we need lead. We bend it using lead and give it final look.”

Snakes prepared in this village have been placed in various famous temples. Besides various parts of Orissa, these snakes are sent to various places like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and various places in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

But these coppersmith families are perturbed to see the consistently rising cost of goods required for their art. They work tirelessly but often failed to draw equally handsome returns as per labour involved.

Most of these Meher families admit that to sustain on modest incomes is now very difficult.

Prashant Kumar, another artist, said: Despite our repeated appeals, nobody is paying attention to our condition. Nobody is coming to us. They are not even doing unification of any cooperative society. Once government agency starts buying our goods directly, we can save a lot of money. On the other hand, the rates of copper and lead have gone high.”

But despite all odds, these coppersmith families are happy to think that the copper snakes made by them are used at various temples on the Shivaling (the phallic symbol). (ANI)

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Art camp to highlight tourism potential of the Subarnapur district

Following items are from The Telegraph:

Sonepur, Feb. 7: The Sonepur district administration invited 18 painters from across the state last week to capture their impression of the district on canvas. Through this unique initiative, the administration wants to highlight the tourism potential of Sonepur district.

As part of the four-day camp that concluded on Saturday, the artists were taken to various tourist destinations to help them get an idea about the tourism potential of the district.

“During the first two days of the camp, guides took the artists to various tourists destinations in the district and briefed them about the places and monuments to help them understand their importance. Finally, in the last two days, the artists brought out their impression of Sonepur on canvas,” said artist Saroj Mahapatra, who was the coordinator of the camp.

“Some of the themes explored by the artists were saint poet Bhima Bhoi and Rameswar, the confluence of river Mahanadi and Tel,” he added.

Veteran artists like Padmanava Mishra of Sambalpur and Srikant Udgata of Balangir were part of the camp.

Sambalpur-based artist Padmanava Mishra, who was born in Sonepur, was exulted to be back here and paint.

“I have many memories attached to Sonepur as I was born here and spent a good part of my life. The temples, river Mahanadi and nature have always inspired me and they have been my favourite subjects. In this camp, I tried my hand at the Shaiba and Shakta tradition of Sonepur,” Mishra said.

Mishra added that he had done a series of paintings on Bhima Bhoi that he wants to hand over to the district administration.

Gadadhar Barik, district culture officer of Subarnapur, said the camp was an initiative to highlight the tourism potential of Sonepur through the paintings.

“This collection of paintings is regarded as property of Subarnapur and will adorn Sanskriti Bhavan, which will come up soon.

“The artists have explored all the themes and places including the temples, philosophy, nature and rivers of Sonepur.

“Now, we have a collection of 24 paintings. Whatever places these artists haven’t explored, will be painted soon in another camp. There will be an exhibition of these paintings during the Subarna Utsav-2011, which begins next Friday,” Barik said.

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Centre of handicraft training-cum-design, Sambalpur

Earlier it was reported that Sambalpur will get an Apparel Training and Design Centres (ATDC). Is Centre of handicraft training-cum-design is another name of centre of handicraft training-cum-design or a different institute?

Following is from TOI:

SAMBALPUR: There’s good news for the artisans of western Orissa. The directorate of handicraft and cottage industries finally set up a centre of handicraft training-cum-design in Sambalpur on Wednesday for the benefit of local artisans. The centre will provide design development skills to artisans in order to help them produce articles in keeping with the market demand.

“The main aim of the centre is to provide design skills to artisans. There are many artisans who are engaged in traditional art and crafts, but they often face difficulties in making their products suitable to the changing market demand. The centre will equip them with design development skills in order to help them craft their products to cater to the new trends in the market,” the director of handicraft and cottage industries, Nityananda Palei, said. While inaugurating the centre at Kuluthkani area in Sambalpur town, Palei said they have recruited designers from Rajasthan to provide training to artisans keeping in mind current demand trends.

Sources said the Sambalpur training school would be the second such venture in the state. A similar centre is already functional in Bhubaneswar. The State Institute for Development of Arts & Crafts (SIDAC), an independent body under the directorate of handicraft department, will look after the centre. Twenty artisans from Bolangir, Sundergarh, Sambalpur, Deogarh and Bargarh have been selected for the training programme that will begin from this month.

“This time we have decided to provide design development skills to artisans who are already in the field. We have decided to cover others arts and crafts in future,” the executive director of SIDAC, B K Dash, said. According to him, the duration of training will be one year and lodging will be provided to the trainees free of cost with a stipend of Rs 1,000 per month to meet their food expenses.

On the other hand, artisans are elated at the opening of such a training centre in Sambalpur. They hope that through the centre they would able to develop their existing design skills.

“The setting up of the training centre at Sambalpur is a welcome step. Design development skill training will definitely give a new look to traditional arts and crafts industry,” said Paramanada Rana of Bolangir and Promaod Maharana of Bargarh, two artisans who have joined the centre to improve their skills in terracotta art.

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Nonfunctional Sonepur spinning mill of Subarnapur district

Following report is from The Samaj:

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About National Rural Development Council (NRDC), Subarnapur district

Following is some information from its home page: 

Empowering rural people, Artisans to recognize their potential, capacity to act to improve economic status, living standards and social injustices have been the manifesto of NRDC since inception i.e. 1994. A developmental wave has created for rural poor artisans SHGs of Subarnapur and adjacent district by NRDC. When we retrospect our work of more than a decade it gives us immense pleasure by seeing the growth of our artisans.
Registration :
NRDC has been registered under society registration act 1860 on 2nd January 1995 having No.-51/59.
Organisation Value :
Social Responsibility
Facilitating Market
Appropriate Technology Transfer
Skill and Product Development
Operational Area :
NRDC has been working in Subarnapur KBK district along with adjecent Boudh, Bolangir and Deogarh district of Orissa. The target people are specially women SHGs groups, Rural artisan, Craftsman, Weavers, unemployed youths.
Mission & Vision :
NRDC has set a vision of facilitating livelihood for rural artisans with a holistic approach, which includes capacity building and sustainable development concepts.
  Revival of Languishing Craft.
Coverage of artisan under Janashree Bima Yojana and Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya Bima Yojana to Provide Social Security.
Facilitating market.
Design & Technical assistance to the artisan for better quality production.
Construction of Workshed for poor & needy artisan of Subarnapur District. for all weather Production.
Appropriate     technology   transfer
Skill and product development.
Executive Board :
Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Rama Chandra Mishra
S/o- Dukhishyam Mishra 
At – Jhar Bolangir
Po – Bubel  
Dist – Bolangir
Mob.- 919938416775
2. Gopinath Meher
S/o – Kapil Meher
At/Po – Chadaipank
Dist- Subarnapur
Mob -919937769915
Vice- Chairman
3. Pradip Ku. Mohapatra
S/o- Shyam Sundar Mohapatra
At -Lehedi, Po-Dharmasala
Dist – Subarnapur
Mob – 9194371 51893
Member Secretary
4. Rajesh Ku. Mishra
S/o – Binod Bihari Mishra
Bhagawati Colony, Sonepur
Dist – Subarnapur
Ph- 916654 220694
Asst. Secretary
5. Ashok Ku. Mishra
S/o – Late Suramani Mishra
LIC Colony, Sonepur
Dist – Subarnapur
Ph- 916654 220280
6. Niranjan Meher
S/o- Narayan Meher
At- Kendupali, Po- Kamalpur
Dist – Subarnapur
Mob – 919937809360
7. Laxman Meher
S/o- Kampala Meher
At- Rathisahi, Po- Birmaharajpur
Dist – Subarnapur
Mob – 919938318180
8. Bhubaneswar Rana
S/o- Chintamani Rana
At- Kuibahal, Po- Mahada
Dist – Subarnapur
Mob – 919937500324
9. Gokula Jhara
S/o- Sangobinda Jhara
At- Jampali, Po- Singhijuba
Dist – Subarnapur
Ph – 916653215859
10. Smt. Baigani Jhara
W/o- Gokula Jhara 
At-Jampali, Po- Singhijuba
Dist – Subarnapur
Ph – 916653215678

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Orissa government to set up sericulture R&D Institute

Following is a PTI report:

Bhubaneswar, Apr 15 (PTI) Targeting a production of about 500 tons of silk by 2020, the Orissa government today said it would set up a research and development centre for speedy growth of the sector.

“Sericulture has a vast potential in the state. It should be utilised to provide livelihood to tribals and backward caste people… the government would set up State Sericulture Research and Development Institute for proper management and growth of the sector,” Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said at a workshop on sericulture management here.

Though present growth rate of silk industry in India is about eight per cent, demand for the fabric is growing at 10 per cent, Handloom and Handicraft Minister Anjali Behera said.

While 10,000 weavers in the state need 500 tons of silk, Orissa produces only 81 tons. “The need is to strengthen the sector to fill the gap,” the minister said.

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