Limitations of Koshal state movement

March 9, 2016 at 7:33 am 4 comments

Koshal state demand is valid. Nevertheless, many Koshal activists are ignoring the limitations of Koshal movement. Here are few limitations that are hindering the separate state movement:

Location of future capital city: When Telangana state was created there was no confusion about the location of its capital. People of Telangana unanimously supported Hyderabad as the capital of Telangana. Chandra Babu learned from his past mistakes. He is now building a new capital city that will benefit whole AP. In case of Koshal demand, so far, there is no clarity about its future capital city. People of Sambalpur want their district HQ as the capital city; whereas, Balangir/Kalahandi people want their own district HQs as the capital city. In future, such demands will come up from other districts as well.

Decentralization of resources in western Odisha: So far, we are debating about centralization of resources in BBSR. Many people in western Odisha (especially in KBK region) are asking what about centralization of resources in Sambalpur and Rourkela. Western Odisha (WO) is following a similar developmental approach like coastal Odisha and Bengal; where only big cities like Bhubaneswar and Kolkata are developing. Is centralization of resources in WO benefiting the tribals of Kalahandi, Balangir, Nuapada, Sonepur, Boudh etc,?

Politics vs economics: The activists and politicians who are heading the Koshal state movement lack of clear understanding about politics, politicking and economics. Koshal state demand should be based on economics and distribution of resources. Both the activists and politicians are unable to explain how a separate Koshal state will benefit livelihood of poor and the village economy. Thus, most of them are losing political supports and support from common man.

A separate Koshal state must not follow the example of Odisha and Bengal. These two states are worse when it comes to decentralization of resources. Still, the elite of western Odisha are following similar approaches. I hope the activists and politicians will address the limitations of Koshal state movement.

Dr. Sanjib Kumar Karmee

Update 1: Response to my post from Saket Sahu

Dear Sanjib,

The points you have noted are right. But these points are futuristic point. I mean it may not be the cause of slow down of the movement. The reasons in the ground are very different.

Sometime i fear of commenting on Kosal Movement, as you know, i’m here in the ground and knows all of them. I know all the Kosal movement leaders, also i was involved actively for a time and still personally keep sympathy for Kosal. LOT OF CONFUSIONS ARE THERE WHICH NEEDS TO BE ADDRESS BY THE LEADERS.

It is for sure that it is a political issue. Forget about the economy for the time being. Recently a seminar was organised by Mahamallik babu and his friends at Anchal College Padampur and i attended as a speaker to present on the language. Also listened some of the speakers including Mahamallik babu and it was really great that scholars of our region come out with all graphics and data to explain the backward/poverty of western Odisha/Kosal region.

It is true that the coastal Odisha is developed than western odisha. And the BJD govt was showing all the data from western Odisha and demanding SWATANTRA PAHYAA (SPECIAL PACKAGE) FOR THE STATE.  But it was crushed down in parliament.

Now, come to Kosal. Though i support the Kosal movement still i also agree with the view of AC Naik on Kosal leadership. The youth and people are divided by party. BJP, BJD, Cogress. KKD has failed to impress the youth or mass. I’m repeating the leader need to address why we need Kosal to the mass. There we have failed.

Again, the complex composition of western Odisha with adivasi and backward class the politics become dyanamic here. Democracy is a word only, earlier it was kingship now democracy. Nothing has changed. When a ST/SC, OBC, BACKWARD CLASS, FARMER, LABOUR etc leader started demanding rights for his things slow he started searching a place in the mainstream politics. And then things started to develop….activist slowly become middle man, and loose their credibility…..  This was explained by Saroj Mohanty of Sambalpur very well in his paper.

Apart from this, there are many complex reasons which stagnate Kosal movement.
If i will write here openly then people may hate me. Thats why i remain silent on this. Now the movement is in cold storage. It can be revive. Not a big issue but interest of leaders are important. The Kosal movement leaders are now looking to join other political parties for their future.



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  • 1. Ramesh Chandra Rath  |  March 9, 2016 at 11:11 am

    nicely narrated. My suggestion in this regard is that all district be treated equally. If IIM at sambalpur, Highcourt bench be at Balangir, Western odisha vikas parishad be at Bhawanipatna and Govt engineering college be at Boudh. Bargarh has Indian institute of handlooms, Rourkela with RSP. medical college under construction at balangir and one is at Bhawanipatna, Sonepur should get Ayurvedic college and Fisheri research institute. We have to distribute the resources and oppurtunity among all our districts.

  • 2. singhbag virendra  |  March 25, 2016 at 10:44 am

    yeah!… i agreed with mr. Ramesh chandra rath .

    If, govt. will give same powers to all districts as their eligibility of koshal state Then , everything may be all right.

  • 3. P K  |  January 12, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Koshal is dream of most upper caste odia people who have migrated from coastal odisha in the medeival period. They are rich and they do not understand the hunger of majority of the SC/ST people and they seek opportunity to exploit SC/ST by creating koshal state. So SC/ST people of Western Odisha should fight to merge with Jharkhand because Jharkhand has been built with a priority for their development.

  • 4. AJIT KUMAR SAHU  |  August 3, 2018 at 10:12 am

    I am partially agreed on what Dr Sanjib said. I see the Koshali – movement as a result of stiff regionalism.
    The leadership of the movement is unaware of the path it is taking.
    They lack political,economic & leadership expertise.The agenda of the movement is not at all synced with the aspiration of the public.
    Their planning is not very futuristic.
    Over all what i think is the Koshali-movement is in it’s premature
    stage.It will take the movement at least 30 years to realise it’s holistic agenda for which the movement is in it’s place.



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