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Sambad examines problems surrounding Sambalpur University

Following report is from the Sambad:


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Odisha govt. offers land to set up a wagon factory in Kalahandi

Following is a PTI report:

Odisha government today offered to provide land for establishment of a railway wagon factory in tribal dominated Kalahandi district, official sources said. Indian Railway, which had already sanctioned Rs 1 crore for establishment of the first wagon factory at Sitalapalli in Ganjam district during 2012-13 fiscal, had also indicated that it would not hesitate to construct another such project if the state government provides land.

“Responding to the Indian Railways, the state government had already identified land to set up the second wagon factory in Kalahandi district,” the official said. A railway wagon factory in the undeveloped and tribal dominated district like Kalahandi, would certainly help boost the economic condition of the local people. The state government would provide all assistance for establishment of the wagon factory in Kalahandi, chief minister Naveen Patnaik said.

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Sambalpur city to get a planetarium

Following is a PTI report:

Sambalpur (Odisha), Jul 22 (PTI) After state capital of Bhubaneswar, second planetarium of Odisha is all set to come up at a cost of Rs 12 crore in Sambalpur shortly. Five acres of land had been selected for the construction of the planetarium near Jyoti Vihar and Hirakud dam at Burla town, about 15 km from here, official sources here said. The state Government has allocated a sum of Rs five crore for this purpose in first phase. Total rupees 12 crore have been budgeted for the project. This project will consist of a planetarium and a science park. Out of five acre area identified for the purpose, planetarium will be built over two acre and science park on rest area. “The proposed planetarium will be fully digital. IDCO will execute this structure and architecture design work has been assigned to a Kolkata-based consultant agency”, said a senior official of the science and technology department. A team of officials from the departments of revenue and works visited the proposed planetarium site recently for preliminary steps.

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Goddess Bhairabi, Purunakatak

Courtesy: Google images

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Kosli language books

Following graphics are taken from BENI’s Facebook page:

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Madhuri Mehta and Roshanara Parveen of Balangir named in the probables list for T-20 World Cup

Following news items are frpm the Sambad:

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No effect of govt. schemes on Dadan labourers of Nuapada district

Following report is from the Sambad:

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Eighty-six percent of Odisha households do not have access to piped water supply

Following report is from the Sambad:

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Who is responsible for the underdevelopment of western Odisha? Videos of Kanak TV debate

This was a lively debate. Expect few leaders everyone spoke within the scope of the topic. Otherwise, now day TV debates are often turning brawl and theatrical stage. I observed that all most all leaders spoke in Kosli language. They  should also use Kosli language in assembly; so that people of western Odisha will understand them. The discussion was about health, education and human resource development  in western Odisha (Balangir and Kalahandi Medical college, AIIMs and other centrally funded institutes); industrialization; pollution in Sambalpur-Jharsuguda belt; KBK issues, Dadan sramik; malnutrition; starvation death; unemployment; Gadjats; feudal mentality of political leadership; and Kosal state demand.

People of western Odisha feel alienated because their voice is not heard by the mainstream Odia media. Thanks to the Kanak TV for providing a platform to people of western Odisha (although one speaker was accusing the organizers about the choice of the title and divide and rule policy).

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Nagpur air traffic control (ATC) linked to Jharsuguda airport

Following is a report from TOI:

NAGPUR: The air traffic control (ATC) at Nagpur airport has achieved another milestone by getting interlinked with Jharsuguda ATC. Nagpur ATC is already linked to Bhopal and Hyderabad ATCs, and now it can monitor air traffic over 75% of the country.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, airport manager AK Verma said the interlinking was done by laying an optical fibre cable. “Jharsuguda ATC was commissioned a few days ago. Now, our area extends 960km in the east, 890km in south and 650km in north. Mumbai was linked to Nagpur before the project was launched.”

Airport Authority of India (AAI) had started installation of Indra radars at 38 airports of the country. Nagpur was the first to be commissioned in January 2012. It is also installing automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADSB) systems in airports and work in Nagpur is going on at full space. The deadline for this project is December 2013. ADSB will supplement the ATC radars.

“In the present system, ATC transmits electromagnetic waves to the aircraft, which send back its location. When ADSB transponders are installed in aircraft and on ground, the ATC will continuously get signals about their location,” Verma explained.

Office on special duty (OSD) Shafique Shah and ATC in-charge SC Haldar said that work on GPS-aided geo-augmented navigation (Gagan) was also going on at full swing. This technology uses satellites to aid aircraft in navigation. “We will, however, keep the present equipment on standby.” Presently, Gagan is only used in United States, Russia and Europe. China and Japan do not use this technology.

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