Plans to link Puri to the Patali Srikshetra

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Following report is from

BALANGIR: For the first time since Patali Srikshetra was discovered near the Trikuta hill at Kotsamalei village in Sonepur district, Puri Gajapati Divya Singhdeo today visited the place. A high-level team comprising officials of Puri temple administration and Sevayats was there to chalk out plans to link Puri to the place.

Earlier, Patali Srikshetra Action Committee (PSAC) installed the idols of the Trinity, which the Puri temple administration had given them in 2007, after Bigraha puja. It was here that the idols of Lords were kept hidden for 144 years away from the prying eyes of  invaders.

The Gajapati was accorded a warm welcome by the administration, committee and villagers. In his brief speech, he said a bhavya (lively) temple similar to that in Puri will be constructed here. “The natural and panoramic view around Patali Srikshetra inspires me to do a lot for this place, as a sevak of the Lord,” he said. I represent the Puri administration and all the servitors, he added.

Following is another report from The Telegraph:

Sonepur, Feb. 7: Puri king Dibyasingha Deb today appealed to the people to construct an eco-friendly temple for the lords. Speaking at the ongoing Patali Mahotsav in Kotsomalai village of Subarnapur district, he said that environment and spirituality should go hand in hand.

“Nature has given greenery, the hills and the caves to this place. We must not destroy it. I want to see a large and high temple like that of Sri Jagannath temple in Puri to be constructed here, which should be built with minimum exploitation of nature. When I come here next time I want to see a temple that would be eco-friendly,” the king said.

He further said that the Sri Jagannath temple management authorities in Puri would be ready to provide all help for the construction of an eco-friendly temple here.

“The Puri temple authorities will be happy to extend help to the Patali Srikshetra management. The administration here should go ahead with construction of the temple,” he added.

A chariot named ‘Dana Ratha’ is presently travelling across the state to collect funds for a proposed temple at Kotsomalai, popularly known as Patali Srikshetra.

Yesterday, idols of the three lords, which were kept in a house in Kotsomalai village in Subarnapur district for over three years, were installed in a newly constructed temple amidst chants of Jai Jagannath and Hari Bol by thousands of devotees on the occasion of the ongoing Patali Mahotsav. Mahanta of Jhanjapita Matha of Puri, Baba Sachidananda Das, carried out the rituals of the ceremony associated with the installation of deities in the presence of a team of sevayats who have come to the Patali Srikshetra for the ongoing festival.

This morning, hundreds of women brought holy water in a ‘Kalasa Yatra’ to the Snana Mandap of the temple. Later, the devotees performed ‘pahandi’ of the three lords. The deities of the lords will be kept there for three days for ‘darshan’ of the devotees.

Later, eminent music director Manmath Mishra performed bhajans, instilling a pious atmosphere there.

The Puri Jagannath temple administration had specially made the idols of lords Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra by spending Rs 55,000 from its treasury, and donated the idols to the Patali Srikshetra authorities for installation in the proposed temple in 2007. However, the idols of the lords were kept in a house in the village, as the temple was under construction at that time.


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