Travel to Deogarh – ‘The natural paradise of western Orissa’

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Western Orissa is a very important part of the state and it has eternal beauty which can be proved anytime. Various place like Sambalpur, Bolangir, Jharsuguda, Nrushingnath, Harisankar, Burla dam, Deogarh are the best examples which enrich their value.

I was lucky enough to take a glance of this wonderful part of Orissa. Leaving behind the hectic schedule of my workplace in Delhi, We reached Sambalpur on a very sunny day in June…. Sambalpur has a very good railway station and has also a very good connectivity to all part of India. We boarded Hirakud express  to reach Sambalpur. We have booked otdc niwas well in advance. Otherwise you can find a very good number of lodging option at a cheaper rate. The people were very helpful. We thought of not wasting our time in the town and straightaway went to see the famous long Hirakud dam (hydro energy). The stretch was simply awesome. The main attraction was the road to the area. One side you will feel the affection of the village wind and the other side will give you the touch of urbanism.

On the way we visited Jyoti Vihar , sambalpur university….a real huge infrastructure sprawling over acres. …We spent 2-3 hrs on Hirakud dam. These days general public is not allowed to move on the dam. You can only take the charm from a high tower standing just near to it.

We visited Samleswari temple and Huma temple (tilted temple at 75 deg) …really awesome place for picnic and get-together. We explored the sambalpur market in the evening and tried some good food there. The night was a cushion for us as we were very much tired.

The next morning we left for Deogarh…The place of Gangdev empire sometimes back… The town has an excellent history..The road was not very good for 30-40 kms, otherwise it’s a standard road. You will enjoy the combination of plain road and hilly curves. The drive is of 3 hrs with  tea breaks ofcourse…hehe…Reached Deogarh at 11 am. Searched for a good lodging….It was not a tough task as we have some known people staying there. But anycase….Hotel mamta & hotel Kiran will be a good option to stay in touch with the town. Otherwise book the circuit house in the world famous waterfall’Pradhanpat’. You will miss everything if u don’t visit Pradhanpat waterfall. Mind blowing and simply wonderful. Based on a hilly area it is around 8 kms from the town.You can hire ricksaw, taxi to reach there. The route is excellent and you will gradually feel the cool breeze….awesome..awesome…we felt like walking and running down the track….There was a very good nursery of excellent flowers. And next to its left the road will take you to the circuit house which is named as Lalit Basant…A palace inside the dense jungle. You will feel as a royal visitor once you sit on the courtyard of this palace…It is said that the king was coming to this place to hunt tigers….  It was the base station of the Bamanda Kingdom…I also got to know that this place generated the 1st hydro power from waterfall in the state….

Then we started walking and finally reached the footstep of the waterfall.  Wow…simply wow….You just cannot believe the beauty of nature until you see it with your own eyes…..When we climbed up and up…the temperature was going smooth. It was like heaven in the tough summer of Orissa…hehe..

After staying the whole day by trekking, bathing & strolling we came down in the evening and reached our place by 7 pm…..Then we were served the typical deogarh food….taste was different but really good…It was made in clay oven……

The next moring we visited the local market and some nearby villages to feel the typical style and look….We also visited one very big mango garden…The food like chaat, golgoppe, typical ‘karadi’ (bamboo product)and pakhala rice….were really great ….

Finally after spending a nice break we came back to Sambalpur and took the train at 3 pm….This journey was really awesome …we could have extended our stay and could have also visited Harisnakar and Nrusinghanath..but due to some emergency we had to come back to the busy schedule again…..

Friends…if you are visiting western Orissa, do not forget to visit Deogarh for sure…..You will enjoy this place……wait for the next episode.

Important place to visit :

Pradhanpat waterfall, Kudurkut waterfall, Olta bara (banyan tree with inverted leaves) at Purnagarh, Lalit basant, Kings palace, ushakothi sanctuary, badarama ghati

Accomodation : lalit basant, Hotel mamta, Hotel Kiran

more info :


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