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KKD demand all round development of “Koshalanchal” and change in name of the Western Orissa Development Council (WODC) to Koshal Development Council (KDC)

Following is a report from The Sambad:

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20 Indian Institute of Information Technology to come up on public-pvt partnership mode

Folloiwng is a report by PTI:

New Delhi, Apr 18 (PTI) The HRD Ministry has prepared a public-private-partnership model for setting up 20 IIITs under which the expenditure could be shared in the ratio of 85 to 15 between the government and industry.

According to a note prepared by the Ministry for these projects, each Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) would be set up at an investment of Rs 200 crore and the government would bear 85 per cent of the expenditure.

Of the 85 per cent spending, the Centre would provide for 50 per cent and the state government would bear 35 per cent of the expenditure. It means the Centre will provide Rs 100 crore while the state government will give Rs 70 crore and the industry will provide Rs 30 crore for setting up of each IIIT.

“The ministry has prepared 50-35-15 funds sharing pattern between the Centre, state and industry.

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Anand to set up National Academy of Magic and its brances in every state capital

Folloiwng is a PTI report:

Hyderabad, Apr 16 (PTI) A magician today said that he had applied to the Centre to set up a National Academy of Magic with branches in every state capital.

The process to set up the project, which is pending before the Human Resource Ministry, is likely to start by 2011, Jadugar Anand told reporters here.

“The Government has not yet recognised magic as an art, though we fulfill all criteria as other recognised arts.”

“An academy of magic not only creates employment opportunities for many by producing world class magicians, but also generate awareness about the art,” Anand, president of the All India Magic Federation, said.

The magician, who is in the city with his son Akash, will kick off with the breathtaking ‘Chris Angel’s Challenging Escape’ on April 18.

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Women in Orissa highly vulnerable: A report by Sanjeev Kumar Patro

Following is a report from

BHUBANESWAR: All notions of Orissa being a peaceful State with low crime rates, particularly against women, have been shattered.With over three rape incidences a day, women in Orissa are, in fact, doubly more vulnerable to crimes against them than their counterparts in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

This has been revealed by the latest statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau.Of around 400 lakh population in the State, total rape incidences were a whopping 1113 in 2008.

The severity is recorded by the vital indicator of `rate of crime’ (rapes per lakh women population) – that has been estimated for Orissa at 2.8.Comparably, Maharashtra with a total estimated population of 1073 lakh has recorded only 1558 rapes. Thus, the rate of crime there has been estimated at mere 1.5 only. Gujarat and Karnataka with an estimated population of 446 and 576 lakh respectively have recorded only 374 and 446 rapes.

The State accounts for a total of 5.2 percent of total rapes nationally but vulnerability is not limited to rapes alone.Molestation incidences under section 354 of IPC in Orissa stood at 2782.

The rate of crime stood at a high of 6.9 and was the third highest after Madhya Pradesh and Kerala among the nineteen major states.A total of 282 sexual harassment cases under section 509 of IPC were reported in 2008, where the rate of crime was estimated at 0.7 and Orissa was ranked ninth in the country.

Brutality was perpetrated on 48 Scheduled Caste and 38 Scheduled Tribe women.The disconcerting fact is a high of 65 girl children were been subjected to this ghastly act. The most vulnerable agegroup was 18-30 years as over 63 per cent victims belonged to this group followed by 30-50 years.The most disconcerting fact is that the victims were mostly denied justice.Conviction rate here stood low at 24.7 percent against the National rate of 26.5.

Uttar Pradesh which is infamous with regards to crime against women has got a conviction rate of 49.6 percent. The lower conviction rate alluded to the failure of the investigating authorities to nail the perpetrators.The rate of conviction slips to a miserable 3.7 percent in molestation cases against 31.4 percent nationally.

Similarly, in case of sexual harassments the conviction rate was only 12.7 per cent against the national average of over 50 percent. And the State fared worse than Bihar, MP, Chhat t i s g a r h and Jharkhand.However, a revealing fact is that over 80 percent of the rapists here are known to the victims. In fact, around 21 percent live next-door to the victims. Over 57 percent culprits are known to the victims in some way.

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Tribals celebrate mass hunting festival in Koratput district of Orissa

Following is a report by ANI published in

The tribals of Orissa’s Koratput district are celebrating their two month-long Akhand-Sikar (Mass Hunting) festival.

A puja (prayers), which lasts for 10 to 11 days, is held before they go into the forests for hunting.

“First we call the disari (village priest) for worshipping our god. He offers hen to the god and then suggests us the direction we should go in, which, we follow and hunt,” said Dhanurjaya, a local.

Their female partners glorify the members of the groups before leaving on the hunting expedition. They use their traditional weapons for hunting which they worship as a part of the ritual.

Once they find a prey, the group attacks it simultaneously with their traditional weapons like axes, spears, bows and arrows.

“We prepare prasaad as per the tradition. We worship our traditional weapons. And on the day…they go to the forest with their traditional weapons for hunting. When they come back with the hunted animals, we distribute them amongst ourselves and celebrate as per our rituals,” said Bhagaban, Village Head.

This year, the festival started last week and will end in June. (ANI)

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Vedanta University project gets environmental clearance from union ministry of environment and forests (MOEF)

Following is a report by IANS published in

Bhubaneswar, April 17 (IANS) The Rs.150 billion Vedanta University project in Orissa by the Anil Agarwal foundation has got environmental and coastal regulation zone (CRZ) clearances from the central government, a project spokesman said Saturday.

‘The union ministry of environment and forests (MOEF) has granted the environment and CRZ clearances to the Vedanta University project,’ Sasanka Patnaik told IANS.

‘We received the letter from the ministry today (Saturday),’ he said.

The Anil Agarwal foundation is promoted by NRI billionaire and chairman of Britain’s Vedanta Resources Anil Agarwal.

It has proposed to set up a multi-disciplinary Vedanta University over 6,000 acres of land near the Konark-Puri marine drive, some 60 km from here.

This not-for-profit university, being built on a global scale, has been envisaged as one-of-its-kind institution for quality higher education and cutting-edge research facility in 95 academic disciplines for 100,000 students.

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Mining scam of Orissa: Centre says CBI ready to probe

Following report is from The Pioneer:

The Centre on Thursday informed the Rajya Sabha that the Odisha Government was opposed to the CBI inquiry into the alleged mining scam. Giving reply to a question by MP Rudra Naryan Pany in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State Prithviraj Chavan on behalf of the Prime Minister said, “The State Government has opposed CBI inquiry into the alleged illegal mining on the grounds that the allegation is being inquired into by the State Vigilance Department and follow up action has been taken.”

He further said that CBI has filed the reply affidavits in the court that the CBI is ready to take up the investigation if ordered by the court to do so. “The matter is sub-judice now,” he maintained.

Chavan further informed that five public interest litigations have been filed in the High Court at Cuttack seeing CBI investigation into the allegations.

He further acknowledged the fact that references from the Ministry of Mines and the Ministry of Home Affairs were received forwarding therewith requests from several persons for independent investigations into the alleged mining scam.

The BJP and Congress in Odisha have alleged that there has been rampant looting of rich minerals and the corruption could touch to a whooping rupees three lakh crore. Both the parties have alleged that the State Government was apprehensive of handing over the case to the CBI fearing that its misdeed would be exposed.

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Pratap Senior Secondary School of Alwar town, Rajasthan offer water and education to passersby to increase enrolment

Following is report by IANS (reported by Anil Sharma) published in

Alwar (Rajasthan), April 17 (IANS) In a state parched for water and literacy, it’s a novel idea. The teachers of a government-run school in Alwar town offer to quench the thirst of passersby and then speak to them about enrolling their children.

The Pratap Senior Secondary School has opened a ‘piyao’ or water serving kiosk near the school premises where the teachers and other staff members, while offering water to passersby, inform them about educational and other facilities provided there.

School principal Chankya Lal Sharma, the man behind the idea, also sits at the kiosk to interact with people.

“This entire exercise is aimed at increasing enrolment in the school. We at present have only 52 students and my idea is to take the strength to at least 200 by the start of the next academic session,” Sharma told IANS.

During the ‘piyao counselling’ session, they inform people that the school, besides providing education, tries to get children involved in socially useful productive work (SUPW) and the National Cadet Corps (NCC).

They are also taken on educational tours and girl students are provided uniforms, cycles and course books free of cost, the school staff tell people.

The school also helps students coming from far away places to get bus passes. In the last academic session, the institute had a only 40 students and 28 staff members.

“We persuade people to bring a child even if he/she has failed in an examination or is not good in studies. We tell their parents that we would organise special classes for them,” Sharma said.

“We have a 100 percent result in this year’s Class 8 examination in spite of the fact that not all of our students were bright in studies,” he added.

Sharma said that from May 1, his colleagues would identify the school dropouts and try to link them with education.

“Every teacher has been asked to enrol at least 10 children,” he said. The school has 22 teachers.

“We are also planning to put banners like private schools do to attract students,” Sharma said.

As per the last census in 2001, Rajasthan’s literacy rate of 60.41 percent was lower than the national average of 64.84 percent.

And to make things worse, the high school dropout rate in Rajasthan is high; it has a 50 percent dropout rate from the primary to the upper primary stage and the percentage of out-of-school (OOS) children in the state has gone up from 6.9 percent to 8.21 percent in the recent past.

(Anil Sharma can be contacted at

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Sambalpur, Cuttack, Berhampur and Rourkela to have terminal market yards for farmers

Following is a report from

BHUBANESWAR: Orissa government will provide four terminal market yards to enable the farmers to sell their produce at market prices. The move comesin the wake of mounting criticism from the opposition Congress and BJP over increasing number of farmer suicide cases.
One of the terminal has already been constructed at Sambalpur with an investment of Rs 86 crore and three others are coming up at Cuttack, Berhampur and Rourkela, Orissa agriculture minister Dr Damodar Rout said here on Tuesday soon after addressing at a seminar on sustainable sugarcane initiative.

Dr Rout informed that although Orissa is the fourth largest vegetable producer, its farmers were not getting adequate returns on the investment because of high input costs and unscientific farming.

“We have been asking the farmers to use technology and modern method of farming to save costs. It will take some time for the farmers to adopt the new methods like drip irrigation and use scientifically developed agriculture tools and equipment,” Dr Rout observed.

The minister stated that the government had decided to as many as cold storages possible in the state through private entrepreneurs. “We are going to conduct a feasibility study of the existing cold storages which are lying vacant for all these years. Besides, individuals and cooperatives will be encouraged to build new cold storages. They will avail the Central government’s recently announced 40% subsidy and another 15% by the state administration,” Dr Rout said.

To a query as to why the state government had not yet come out with a specific sugarcane policy as announced by him a few months ago, the minister said a comprehensive policy was being drafted by the agriculture department to encourage crops like sugarcane, maize and horticulture produces.

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Mecca of hockey-“Sundargarh district” of Western Orissa forbidden a berth in the Indian team

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

In the post-Dhyan Chand era, Sundargarh is synonymous with hockey and has continued to fetch sporting glory for India in the international sports arena. The tribal-dominated district of Odisha has proven its claim by producing around 50 junior and senior international players in both the men and women segments. Even, three to four players from here have already represented the national team at a time.

But, it is a pity that India, despite being the host of the World Cup, no one from the State was given a berth in the Indian team. However, the fans here do not fume as they are well-aware that, except Roshan Minz, all the State probables were down with injuries. Notwithstanding that, the miserable performance of the Indian hockey team in the World Cup 2010 has hurt the sports lovers though India could manage to obtain the eighth rank.

History reveals that hockey was introduced to Odisha by the Christian missionaries. Providentially, hockey that was started as a recreation, turned out to be a love affair for the tribal inhabitants who are noted to be gifted athletes here.

Passion for hockey was so deep that even shaky ground, bamboo sticks and cotton balls could not dissuade the tribals from producing extra-ordinary talents. Inter-village and intra-district tourneys brought talents to the fore and successful players and teams were encouraged by being rewarded kukuda (cock) and khasi (goat) as prizes.

Moreover, revamping started with the setting-up of hockey hostels and astro turfs by the Government in the mid-eighties. Trained youngsters proved their mettle in the national level tournaments. Among the talented players from the district are Dilip Tirkey, Lazarus Barla, Ignace Tirkey, Prabodh Tirkey, Peter Tirkey, William Xalxo, Roshan Minz, Amardeep Ekka, Birendra Ekka, Jyoti Sunita Kullu, Subhadra Pradhan, Anupa and Binita who have played in almost all major senior and junior global championships.

Dilip is now the highest-capped international player. He along with Ignace, Probodh and Kullu have led India and among the four, while three have been conferred with Arjuna Awards, two Padmashri.

Besides, creating a medium for expression of sporting dexterity, hockey has proved to be a dignified profession, providing employment to more than 1,000 young people across the country. Thanks to a century-old relationship with hockey, Odisha is now reckoned as a leading State in the game and is possessing decent infrastructure with three astro turfs (two in Rourkela including one of the SAIL and one in Sundargarh), three Government-run training centres (hostels at Rourkela, Sundargarh and Cuttack), one SAIL managed training centre at Rourkela and more than 500 trained players.

Able management is the need of the hour for further improvement of the game. Observers believe that Odisha Hockey Association should pilot in taking the game to more youngsters by organising more domestic tournaments. The efforts should be given to host both the national and international tournaments here as three well-equipped grounds are available in Sundargarh district.

Hockey aficionados also seek engagement of more coaches and trainers for proper guidance of youngsters and refresher courses for coaches to keep them well-run with the latest trends in the game.

But, what everyone urges to be done first is the completion of the State Hockey Academy at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar without further delay. Simultaneously, steps should be paced up for setting up a Sports University with speciality on Hockey in Sundargarh district. Otherwise, the Mecca of hockey may soon turn to be a barren place, sports observers here apprehend.

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