Women in Orissa highly vulnerable: A report by Sanjeev Kumar Patro

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Following is a report from http://expressbuzz.com:

BHUBANESWAR: All notions of Orissa being a peaceful State with low crime rates, particularly against women, have been shattered.With over three rape incidences a day, women in Orissa are, in fact, doubly more vulnerable to crimes against them than their counterparts in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

This has been revealed by the latest statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau.Of around 400 lakh population in the State, total rape incidences were a whopping 1113 in 2008.

The severity is recorded by the vital indicator of `rate of crime’ (rapes per lakh women population) – that has been estimated for Orissa at 2.8.Comparably, Maharashtra with a total estimated population of 1073 lakh has recorded only 1558 rapes. Thus, the rate of crime there has been estimated at mere 1.5 only. Gujarat and Karnataka with an estimated population of 446 and 576 lakh respectively have recorded only 374 and 446 rapes.

The State accounts for a total of 5.2 percent of total rapes nationally but vulnerability is not limited to rapes alone.Molestation incidences under section 354 of IPC in Orissa stood at 2782.

The rate of crime stood at a high of 6.9 and was the third highest after Madhya Pradesh and Kerala among the nineteen major states.A total of 282 sexual harassment cases under section 509 of IPC were reported in 2008, where the rate of crime was estimated at 0.7 and Orissa was ranked ninth in the country.

Brutality was perpetrated on 48 Scheduled Caste and 38 Scheduled Tribe women.The disconcerting fact is a high of 65 girl children were been subjected to this ghastly act. The most vulnerable agegroup was 18-30 years as over 63 per cent victims belonged to this group followed by 30-50 years.The most disconcerting fact is that the victims were mostly denied justice.Conviction rate here stood low at 24.7 percent against the National rate of 26.5.

Uttar Pradesh which is infamous with regards to crime against women has got a conviction rate of 49.6 percent. The lower conviction rate alluded to the failure of the investigating authorities to nail the perpetrators.The rate of conviction slips to a miserable 3.7 percent in molestation cases against 31.4 percent nationally.

Similarly, in case of sexual harassments the conviction rate was only 12.7 per cent against the national average of over 50 percent. And the State fared worse than Bihar, MP, Chhat t i s g a r h and Jharkhand.However, a revealing fact is that over 80 percent of the rapists here are known to the victims. In fact, around 21 percent live next-door to the victims. Over 57 percent culprits are known to the victims in some way.


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