Sambalpur University, Burla turns another Osmania Varsity

December 18, 2009 at 9:03 am 1 comment

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Taking clue from their counterparts in Osmania University in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, the epic centre of Telengana movement, students of Sambalpur University here, are demanding a separate Koshal State from Orissa.

The students boycotted classes and sat in dharna with placards in the hands demanding a separate State. “All the successive State Governments have been showing step motherly attitude to this part and separate State is the only solution for development of western Orissa,” said general secretary of the Koshal Students Organisation Jayadev Kar.

“Assurances were given to people of this vast region when Orissa came into being in 1936. But this region was intentionally kept neglected,” alleged the Sambalpur University Students Union president Padmanav Mishra.

“We will spread this as people’s movement in all parts of western Orissa,” Mishra said.


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Funds remain unspent amidst demand for separate Koshal state Sambalpur Bar Association (SBA) joins Koshal state movement: The Sambad

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  • 1. Bhumiputra  |  December 19, 2009 at 6:59 am

    Dear awakened Brothers and Sisters of the great Kohsal empire,

    I salute all of you whose are deploying their all efforts to give a test of real freedom and sovereignty to this reign. This is the fight for the sight, everyone whose are residing in the prosporous buondry of Koshal please open your eyes and ears this is the vision of the future the better prospectus as better we conceive in your mind and develope it and pass to our next generation.
    The pre-existed large, enormous state of Koshal preserve abundant treasure of natural heritage, unexpected wealth, unlimted medicinal herbs and perfect fragrance of soil pollute free nature She is a virgin adorned with grace and beauty untouchable by any one.We should proud ouselves to be the living creature of this enormous land. Our consceince should be pure, free of violance, full of knowledge, lack of immotion, uniformal to goal, loving sight to each other, giving importance fellow ones idea rather you and the erasion of variation in the way of progression.

    Lets come on all of us rise us from the limit of selfishness and think about the people your brother, your siter who is living around you seek your joy within them. Watch the tears of your people, crying of your sister empty sotmach of your family. which by you get identity and stand as a man and became a man. How many days wil you l serve your vampire and receive awards? how long will you please them by submitting all of yours? Hey all of you whose are under the table of orissa how long will you licks the leaving waste and gether it, is it your dignity.

    Come up free your mind from all the things let us be united with the force of peace, harmony and truth a single roar can tear off the chest of your enemy, we are the sons and daughter of mighty Koshal remember it.

    Be united, prosperous and growth in multiple power.

    Jai Koshal.


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