Koshal activists tear Odisha map, students boycott classes

December 17, 2009 at 6:55 pm Leave a comment

Followng is a report from The Pioneer:

The demand for formation of a separate Kosal State in the western parts of Odisha is getting louder with each passing day, with more and more organisations, institutions and students’ unions extending support for this movement even as members of Kosal Kranti Dal led by president Promod Mishra held demonstrations before the Collectorate on Thursday.

The agitators tore the map of Odisha as symbol of separation from the State besides burning the effigy of Odisha Government. After students of Rajendra College, Sambalpur University, it was the turn of students of the women’s college to quit their classes in support of Kosal State.

“While in entire western Odisha there is one university. In our college large number of lecturers’ post is lying vacant besides absence of postgraduate classes. As the universities are located in relative developed areas, our areas are backward. Why not a single university has been established in this region? All this neglect and discrimination are forcing us to extend our support for formation of Kosal State,” rued a student of the women’s college, Bandana.

Addressing the agitators, president Mishra criticised the rulers of Odisha for neglecting and exploiting this region. The death of Minj Bariah on Thursday morning in the hospital due to malnutrition and starvation is a classic example of what this region have got even though this region contributed a lot to the State exchequer, Mishra said further.

The activist of Kosal Kranti Dal held demonstrations in Athamallick, Boudh and Sonepur and they submitted memorandum to the respective district administrations, informed general secretary of All Kosal Students Union Dolamani Pradhan.

“The Kosal Kranti Dal will hold a demonstration before the Raj Bhawan in Bhubaneshwar on December 23. Moreover, in January we are going to observe a western Odisha bandh besides an economic blockade in future,” said Mishra.

Meanwhile, the activists of Kosal Kranti Dal (KKD) in Sambalpur submitted a memorandum addressed to the Union Home Minister through the District Collector demanding a separate State, they also tore the Odisha map to pieces in front of the office of the Collector to stake their demand for a separate State. “This is just the beginning of Kosal movement and no force (how much powerful may it be) can stop it. The agitation like that of the freedom struggle of the country will end with a new State for us,” said district president of the party Upendra Mahapatra.

Tearing the map of Odisha was not the only event of the day. The party activists also burnt the effigy of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at Municipality Chowk. Among others Sunil Nanda, Nirmal Das, Minakshi Majhi and many others were present.


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