Discussions about Koshal State

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I was told there there have been discussions about “Koshal State” in various forums. Following are few comments from the discussion following the article “Telangana issue: Shutdown in coastal Andhra, Rayalseema” published in The Indian express. Here is the link to the discussion forum.

Keep unity and don’t support division !!!By: Bijaya Ketan Sahu | Friday , 11 Dec ’09 19:06:38 PM Reply | Forward My Dear friends. We should always believe in unity. Don’t support to divide any state. Division of any state will invite more political,Social and cultural corruption. I am from Orissa, I don’t know much about Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is our beloved neighbour state. It has a great culture. Lord Venketswar of Tirupati is the state God Andhra Pradesh. Everybody speaks here in Telugu language. So all the people of Andhra Pradesh are having one cultural and social tradition.So there is no question of dividing the great Andhra Pradesh. In Orissa also, some people are demanding for a new state named Koshal by dividing it, which is rubbish. They are just playing a dirty political game and want to divide our beloved motherland. Dear friends of Andhra Pradesh, I sincerely request you, kindly don’t support the division.Goverment is encourageing some more such demands from other regions which is going to create a problem to keep national integration. Jai Hind !!!

separate stateBy: Achyut | Saturday , 12 Dec ’09 15:42:27 PM Reply | Forward On the basis of one state for one language, as suggested by you, the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh should not exist as separate states, which are all Hindi language states. Similarly U.S.A. should not have 50 separate states, all of which have English as the official language. On the basis of language Orissa do not deserve to be a single state because the tribal dominated districts of Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Sundergarh and Deogarh have the tribal languages of Santali, Ho, Mundari, Kisan, Khadia etc. as mother tongue. Among these Santali is a constitutionally recognized language like Oriya. These districts should be merged with the tribal state of Jharkhand. Similarly mother tongue of the tribal of Koraput, Malkangiri, Navrangpur and Rayagada districts is not Oriya but they have their own tribal languages as mother tongue. These districts have cultural and linguistic affinity with the adjacent districts of Bastar and Dantewada of Chhattisgarh state. They too have marriage alliances in Chhattisgarh. Hence these districts should conveniently be merged with Chhattisgarh. The mother tongue of the people of Kosal (Western Orissa) is not Oriya but it is Sambalpuri/Kosali. Of late many rich literary works have been published in this language. The people of Kosal region are agitating for a separate Kosal state since long. On the basis separate language the state of Kosal should be carved out of Orissa for the betterment of the people of this region. The demand for separate states exists in India, as because people of certain regions are deprived of the benefit of development. Therefore, to have better administration and equitable development of all regions, two new states of Telengana and Rayalseema should be carved out of Andhra Pradesh.
Orissa should not be divided!!By: Bijaya Ketan Sahu | Monday , 14 Dec ’09 18:18:49 PM Reply | Forward Dear Brother, Thanks for your posting !!! Anyway, I don’t know much about Andhra Pradesh, that why Govt is interested for Telengana state, carved out of Andhra Pradesh? I am here more bothered about my own mother-land Orissa. The demand for a separate state Koshal in Western Orissa is completely baseless. I remember here the history of formation of Modern Orissa state. After rule of the king Pratap Rudradev of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s time (16th Century) Orissa lost it’s own independence. Thou, Pratap Rudradev was Ideal king. but his he was not so powerful like his father Purusottam dev or Grand father Kapilendra dev. Original Kinddom of Kalinga was spread over from river Ganga to river Godavari. But, King Krishnadev Rai of Vijaynagar empire, defeated King Pratap Rudradev and took South kalinga. After Pratap Rudradev Orissa gradually taken over by Marahattas (Rulers of Maharastra) and Moguls (Muslim). but, Still the Kalinga (Orissa) was fighting for it’s own independence. When finally in 1803 Orissa came under British rule, they divided Orissa in several parts. They merged North and Coastal Orissa with Bengal-Bihar presidency, South Orissa with Madras presidency and Western Orissa with Chhot Nagpur presedency.Oriya was a distinct language and Orissa was a distinct state in history, it was not known to British Government. The great Kalinga (Orissa) empire of History was subdivided and economically became poor due to ignorance of British Government. Not only that, the Indian leaders of other state in British Government tried to make their mother-tongues as official languages in Orissa. They made British Government to declare the languages such as Bengali, Telugu and Hindi to be made as Official languages of Costal Orissa, Western Orissa and Southern Orissa respectively. The great western Orissa people in Sambalpur first protested against this and their voice made the whole Orissa to be united.The selfish leaders of Bengal named Kranti Chandra and Ashtosh Mukharjee declared that “Oriya ekta swatantra bhasa nay” (Oriys is not a dictinct language). The whole Orissa peole declared a war against this statement.The great sons of Orissa named Madhusudan Das, Gopabandhu Das, Gajapati Krishna Chndra dev, Godabarisha Mahapatra,Gouri Sankar Ray etc created a socio-cultural Organisation named “Utkal Sammilani”and published a daily newspaper named “Utkal deepika”. They continuously published their researched article about Oriya lanuage, it’s great history and it’s gratness. For which it was proved that except south-indian languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada) Oriya is the most older language in whole over India.Due to Utkal Deepika and Utkal Sammilani, the British Government could able to know about glorious past history of Orissa and Oriya language.For which, the modern Orissa state was formed in 1st April 1936 before independence of India. The great personality of Orissa, Madhu Sudan Das at first gave a proposal to British Government to create the states in country on basis of language and socio-cultural tradition so that the culture, tradition and tradition of each region can be preserved. We all Oriyas are now verymuch proud for people of Sambalpur in Western Orissa as they first fought for the formation Orissa and making Oriya as official language of Orissa. Really due to them only Oriya and Orissa regained it’s self respect, but in this same holy land of sambalpur, now some selfish political leaders are trying to divide orissa in the name of Koshal. The great poets of westen Orissa named Gangadhar Meher, Kuntala kumari Sabat who had established Oriya language in a top level position, on their holy land, peoples are saying that they are not Oriya, they are Koshali which is rubbish and baseless. No-one is now there to listen the tearful and pathetic story of Mother Orissa (Utkal Mata).Utkal Janani (Mother Orissa) is still awaiting for reborn of Madhusudan Das, Gopabadhu Das, Krishnachandara Gajapati, Gangadha Meher, Kuntalkumari Sabat, Chandra Sekhar Behera,Godabarish Mahapatra, Gouri Sankar Ray, Radhanath Ray, Fakir Mohan Senapati, Nilakantha Das,Acharya Harihar etc, the great sons of Orissa who struggled for establishment of Orissa state and Oriya language. Regards Bijaya Ketan Sahu
KOSAL state creationBy: Rudra Pratap Sahu | Wednesday , 16 Dec ’09 6:20:47 AM Reply | Forward Kosal (Western Orissa) was never conquered by Utkal (Coastal Orissa) in historical times. Memorandums submitted by Madhusudan Das and his associates under the banner of Utkal Sammilani fitted into the designs of Britishers, who wanted to rule through %u201Cdivide and rule%u201D policy, so they divided Bihar-Orissa and created Orissa state in 1936. It seems you are not knowledgeable enough to comment on historical facts. It will be better for you to claim the area from river Ganga to Godavari for Orissa and start agitation for that purpose but forget about retaining Kosal state. In due course separate Kosal state will be formed and nobody can stop it. JAY KOSAL!
separate Kosal stateBy: ACHUYT | Tuesday , 15 Dec ’09 18:59:13 PM Reply | Forward It is ridiculous to criticize genuine demands of separate kosal state. One should not comment on issues when one has no knowledge about his neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh, which is under political turmoil over Telengana issue. Such hypocrisy like glorifying the formation of Orissa state out of Bengal Presidency but opposing separate Kosal state is highly deplorable. If one goes through the Oriya newspaper %u201CSambad%u201D of Dt. 14.12.2009 and 15.12.2009, one will find that %u201CAll Kosal Students Union%u201D and the political party %u201CKosal Kranti Dal%u201D (KKD) has already started agitation for separate Kosal state. KKD has come up, like JMM (Jharkhand Mukti Morcha) and TRS (Telengana Rastra Samiti) only for the purpose of fighting for a separate Kosal state. Not only a few polititians but also the general masses of Kosal region are in favour of a separate Kosal state. 

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