Demand for ESIC dental and nursing colleges in Kalahandi gets louder

December 13, 2009 at 7:26 pm Leave a comment

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

Odisha Government is playing politics over location of an ESIC medical college in the State, feel aggrieved intelligentsia of Kalahandi district. Local people, along with MPs, have written letters to the Chief Minister to establish the State’s ESIC medical college at Rourkela, said a leading non-resident Odia (NRO) Digambara Patra.

He pointed out that keeping in view the public sentiment in Kalahandi for a Government medical college and the ongoing protest in Rourkela for an ESIC medical college, the State’s Department of Labour and Employment had earlier requested the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment to establish a second ESIC medical college at Rourkela. And the Government promised a dental college and a nursing college in Kalahandi.

Another NRO, Madhusmita Panda, alleged that Kalahandi has already been betrayed by the State Government for the Central University of Odisha.

Looking at the charged atmosphere and public demand for a Government medical college in Kalahandi, the Department of Labour and Employment has reportedly requested for ESIC dental and nursing colleges in Kalahandi The Union Ministry of Labour and Employment is establishing two ESIC medical colleges in Karnataka, one being in the home constituency of the concerned Union Minister. Why another medical college cannot be established in Kalahandi, asks another NRO, Judhistir Patra. The backward region is being neglected continuously despite being located in the centre of south-western Odisha, he lamented.

Yet another NRO, Sanjib Kumar Karmee, said that the present change of mind of the State Government to plead for dental and nursing college at Rourkela has exposed its mindset towards Kalahandi.

All these NROs demanded that dental and nursing colleges be established in Kalahandi so that years of neglect of the region could be compensated to some extent.

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