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Fourteen hundred years old rare statues of lord Buddha are left without care in Boudh district

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Orissa faces dual problem in health sector: huge shortage of health professionals and inadequate infrastructure

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Can a health centre function without supply of water, electricity and, most importantly, lab technicians? Well, it is in Orissa.

Consider this. As high as 35 per cent of health sub-centres that form the backbone of village health care delivery apparatus function without regular supply of water and around 24 per cent without power connection. The PHCs stand little better at 9 per cent without regular water supply and electricity.

Over 90 per cent of the PHCs function without lab technicians though diagnosis of malaria, dysentery, cholera etc. depends on tests. Of a total of 1,279 PHCs, only 9.4 per cent have round-the-clock delivery service and only 9 per cent have telephones.While a PHC caters to 24,462 people or 15 villages only around 9 per cent of them have between four and six beds.

In the 10th Plan period the Government had set the target of opening up 447 health sub-centres but they have been on the papers only.

None has come up even though the required subcentres are at least 7,283 and the State currently has only 6,688.Thus, around two per cent of the villages are still out of the basic health care loop.

Against the target of opening up 108 CHCs, the actual achievement stood at 74. A glance at the subsequent plan periods further shows how the State administration has failed to open up a single sub-centre since the Eighth Plan period with only the 11th Plan period seeing around 700 new sub- centres. Also, with around 20 per cent shortfall in CHC requirement, Ninth and 11th Plan periods did not have a single addition.

There are no referral units at CHC level and only two exist at the sub-district level against 120 and 78 respectively in Andhra Pradesh. This when a World Health Organisation report has cautioned that lack of referral units contribute largely to high maternal mortality rates in Orissa. The human resource deployment in rural areas stands very poor as over 80 per cent PHCs are manned by a lone doctor.

The CHCs are no better with 496 against the requirement of 924 specialists.Specialists like paediatricians and gynaecologists are not positioned in CHCs when the State tops in MMR and IMR. The huge shortfall of around 2,260 nurse-midwives in PHCs and CHCs coupled with only around 9 per cent PHCs having a labour room cast a shadow on the NRHM’s drive to improve institutional deliveries in rural areas.Against the norm of one radiographer per CHC, there is a huge shortfall of over 220.

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Sanctioned seats in different subjects of PG (M.A./ M.Sc./ M.Com.) in colleges of Western Orissa

Following list is obtained from dheorissa web site:

G.M. College, Sambalpur

Govt. College Bhawanipatna

Govt. College, Rourkela

Govt. College, Sundargarh

Rajendra College, Balangir

Panchayat College, Bargarh

Govt. Women’s College Sambalpur

——Work is under progress………..

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Thenga Dam site: a beautiful picnic spot of Koshal region

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Thenga Dam Site : A famous Picnic spot in Sonepur district is Thengo Dam Site of Birmaharajpur subdivision on Harihara Jora Irrigation Project. The Dame site is attracting thousands of local visitors around the year to have a picnic there under the natural and beautiful environment around.

The spectacular water body in foot of the hills and deep forest with cool environment will give you a touch of nature. You can rent a wooden boat with boatman for boating in there. You can also see and feel the charming sound of different species of birds including peacock there in the jungle. Some times in winter you can also find the foreign birds there that are in migration to Chilika Lake. Some times there is also possibility of seeing an elephant, bear or a wolf there in the jungle at the Dam Site. A picnic under the deep shadow of the Jungle will never be erased from your brain if visited.

How to Visit : It is will be 35 Km away from Sonepur the District Head Quarter in North direction via Dharmasala on bank of River Mahanadi, Kotasamalai famous for Patali Srikhetra and Jaloi. One can visit from Sambalapur it will be about 90 KM away in east direction via, Dhanupali Chaka of Sambalapur, Huma famous place for Tilted Temple of Lord Siva, and Goddes Metakani on the way to Ulunda, Dharmasala. In other way one from Deogarh or Angul can visit from NH 42 at Charmal or Motibahal Chaka. You can stay at Sonepur to visit other near by famous spots and temples in the district.

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Information about Harihar Jor irrigation project

Harihar Jor irrigation project or Thenga dam is located in Birmaharajpur sub.division of Subarnapur district. Following information is taken from the Press Information Bureau (PIB) page.

PIB: 22nd April, 2003

The Harihar Jor Irrigation Project in Orissa envisages creation of ultimate irrigation potential of 13.70 thousand hectare on completion, out of which 9.95 thousand hectare has been created up to the end of 2000-01. It is an ongoing project in the Tenth Five Year Plan.

This information was given by the Union Minister of State for Water Resources, Smt. Bijoya Chakravarty in a written reply to question from Shri Surendra Lath in the Rajya Sabha today.

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Reports related to Indravati project

  • Project Indravati: Phase I. An appraisal of the natural resources of the Indravati basin, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, India : DOI: 10.1080/01431168508948470

Abstract: Project Indravati has been taken up to demonstrate the capabilities of remote-sensing data for the exploration of natural resources and also the structural linkages necessary to evolve a National Natural Resources Management System (NNRMS). The Geological Survey of India, the National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization and the Forest Survey of India are the collaborating agencies under this project. The National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land-use Planning has supplied data on soils of the area. This densely forested, undercultivated region with a relatively virgin status in mineral exploration offers ample scope for using remote-sensing techniques in evaluating its natural resource potential.
Data on geology, structure and lineaments, geomorphology, drainage, soil and vegetation were compiled and collated, based on visual interpretation of LANDSAT imagery. The area has a complex physiographic and geological history and varied soil types. Vegetation is mostly mixed deciduous types.

Two test areas, which are relatively remote and difficult to approach, have been selected for detailed aerial and multispectral scanner survey for the assessment of natural resources. Complete article is available here.

  • Indravati side effects hit KBK

While major hydro irrigation project of Upper Indravati (UIHP) has brought cheers to the farmers of KBK region but its side effects are harming them more. Dr. Digamabara Patra, a leading Non Resident Oriya (NRO) who belongs to this backward region have analyzed in great details. Decade long operations of UIHP has provided irrigation facility and benefited a large number of farmers in the backward KBK region resulting boost in the economy of the local and the state.

The state government is richer by hundreds of crore rupees annually by selling power to the neighboring state. However, the negative side effects from this project from infrastructure and health count is creating appalling situation for the common men.

Opening of various channels to irrigate agricultural farm land has brought various deadly water born diseases in the form of Tuberculosis, Malaria, Brain fever to the region directly affecting the local mass.

However health facilities in this region are in a state of despair. And new born water diseases have added to their owes, allege the villagers. Serious staff shortage in the Community Health Centers (CHC) and Primary Health Centers (PHC) coupled with shortage of technical expertise as well as proper medical diagnostic instruments has further worsened the situation. Read the complete report here.

  • Orissa CM inaugurates Upper Indravati project canal

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Saturday visited Kalahandi district  and inaugurated the Aqueduct (canal) of Upper Indravati Irrigation Project at Chhilpa.

The Chief Minister also laid the foundation of Government engineering college, proposed Government agriculture college here and a 132/33 KV grid substation at Bhangabari. Addressing the public in Police Barrack ground, the Chief Minister said Rs 5 crore each have already been sanctioned for both the projects. Patnaik went to Dharamgarh and addressed the people at Panchayat Ground after inaugurating the Town Hall.

The Chief Minister also inaugurated the new school building of Kendriya Vidyalaya here. The Chief Minister also visited Tulapada College and addressed the Bikash Samavesh at the college ground.

Bhawanipatna MLA Pradipta Naik, Kalahandi MP Bikram Kesari Deo, Balabhadra Majhi, Kiran Singh Deo also spoke. Meanwhile, members of the District Youth Congress, led by president Abdul Sazid, blocked the road while CM was going to address a meeting in the Police Barrack demanding a Central University in the district. However, the police cleared the road. More than 50 Congress activists were arrested. This report is taken from Orissa diary.

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Information about Indravati hydro-power project

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Construction of a 600-megawatt hydro-electric power station comprising four 150-megawatt turbogenerator sets, a 110-sq km reservoir, four dams and eight dykes, together with associated channels, tunnels, shafts and penstocks, in the Koraput and Kalahandi districts of the State of Orissa, and provision of associated engineering and administrative services. The tail waters from the power station will provide a capability for the irrigation of about 109,000 hectares in the vicinity of the plant. Read more about Indravati hydro power project here.

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Dhanu Yatra 2009 news: preparation begins for Bargarh Dhanu Yatra

Following  is a report from the Orissa Sambad web site:

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Vedanta violated environment norms: Jairam Ramesh

Following is a report from The Pioneer:

The Centre has instituted a probe into the allegations of illegal bauxite mining by Vedanta on behalf of the Odisha Mining Corporation at Niyamgiri forests in Kalahandi.

“A Central team will visit the site to verify allegations of violations of the terms of the ‘in-principle’ approval under Forest Conservation Act, 1980 by the project proponent,” Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said in a statement in New Delhi on Friday. The team will submit its report to him within a week.

Ramesh noted that the ‘in-principle’ approval given to the project on December 11, 2005 under the Forest Conservation Act, 1980 could be converted to a final approval only after the stipulations contained in it were met.

However, NGOs alleged that Vedanta on behalf of Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC) had already started activities without getting the final approval. “The total amount of forest land proposed to be diverted is 660.749 hectares of which around 353.14 hectares is in the Niyamgiri reserved forest. Concerns have also been raised on the impact that this project will, inter alia, have on the livelihood of tribal communities,” Ramesh said.

“Technically this (construction) is not a violation of the law, but it is a violation of the Ministry’s guidelines, which stipulates that when a project involves non-forest and forest land, construction in the non-forest land should not begin without clearance for activity in the forest land itself,” the Minister observed.

Incidentally, the Odisha Government is yet to reply to the Ministry, which had sought an explanation as to how the violations of the norms were permitted. Ramesh made it clear that the previous concept of ‘in-principle’ approval was done away with and that projects were now exclusively examined for either approval or rejection

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Pictures of Balangir Mathkhai Mahotsav

Thanks to Saket Sahu for the following pictures:

Cultural programme by troup of Ashok Bahidar, Padampur

Hindi play BISAYANTAR: Jajati, Puru, Sharmistha in a scene

Scenes of bodo play MONGLEE (staged by 30 artists of DAPON)

Telugu play KATAMA RAJU KATHA (KRKA Vishakhapatnam)

A scene of odia play BHADRALOKA (staged by BHUMIKA)

Film director Sabyasachi Mahapatra sharing some moments in Mathkhai Natya Mahotsav

NSD Professor Robin Das in Mathkhai Festival

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