Potential of Kalahandi to become a great tourist attraction of India

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Following is a report from the  OTV:

Bhawanipatna: Unexplored flora and fauna, lush green forests, untouched waterfalls and serpentine roads penetrating the dense jungles – this is Kalahandi at its best. The tribal-dominated district might have earned the dubious distinction for child sale and hunger deaths, but at the same time the place beckons tourists from across the country and abroad.

That Kalahandi is a repository of nature and natural resources is a manifest truth. But it is said that the same territory is also home to a host of unexplored picturesque places. Scan this.

Nearly 16 kilometre from Bhabanipatna, there thrives two enchanting waterfalls – Phulri and Ghusurigudi. The two waterfalls are also a treasure-trove of beauty and adventure, akin to Khandadhar in Sundergarh district, which is one of the most famous waterfalls in Orissa.

It will be a heavenly treat for tourists to wade through the greenery of jungles to reach Phulri waterfall. Equally adventurous is the Ghusurigudi waterfall, which can be reached by trekking three hills.

Locals have been demanding to promote and popularise the scintillating destinations that have been lying under cover from the outer world. The state tourism department, which is making tall claims for the development of tourism, is also not aware of the breathtaking sites.

Kalahandi is also famous for Manikeswari temple the palace which was built by the erstwhile Naga kingdom. The temple used to be the abode of Goddess Manikeswari, the deity of the royal family. Even today, the shrine has much royal significance attached to it. The then king was a good Samaritan and had steered Kalahandi on path of development and prosperity by constructing well-furnished wide roads, schools and tube wells in the town. And interestingly, the kingdom’s philanthropy is still tangible in the town.

Manikeswari temple has some strict rituals for devotees. Devotees are not allowed to enter the shrine’s sanctum sanctorum. They can have the glimpse of the deity from the outer precinct inside the temple. Camera are not allowed at the shrine. Chhatar Yatra is the main festival of Goddess Manikeswari in which hundreds of animals are sacrificed to propitiate the deity as per tradition.


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