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Kalahandi Regional Centre for Disease Detection is in Miserable Condition

Following report is from The Dharitri:


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VC aims to make the VSSUT a global institution

Following is a report from

Professor Deba Kumar Tripathy is dreaming to make the Vira Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), a global institution.

And the Vice Chancellor of VSSUT strongly feels that the institution has the potential to be a global player. So he opened his cards on 21 October here in front of the students, who echoed their VC in a big way.

He said “i am amazed at the way you students correlating with me and it is by this mutual co-operation we can improve things in my 2 years tenure.”

His words were really encouraging and showed us the glimpse of the bright future we can have, said a student. Lastly VC said “lets work together to bring the lost glory of UCE back and make the most of it to make its image global.” Students shared their views, opinions, problems etc with Prof. Tripathy.

Some of the final year students draw attention to some of the very crucial points.

The points of concern were as follows :

Acquisition of the land surrounding VSSUT campus , cleared by the Water Resource Dept. at the earliest. Improvement of the basic infrastructural requirements like well furnished classrooms & laboratories, electricity , drinking facility, proper transport facilities etc . Appointment of adequate faculty members and laboratory assistants and filling up the vacant senior faculty posts in all departments was requested. Complete renovation of the Central Library Facility with computerization and issuing at least a few international journals.

Establishing another fully equipped Seminar hall with higher capacity. Renovation of the AVC with Integrated Light & Sound System

Proper maintenance of the college website with a student database and log in facility availing internet facility throughout the campus with 24X7 service was asked for. There are also some of the issues which students think can be improved upon like developing a Students’ Activities Center (SAC) like in IITs comprising of all student activities.

Encouraging inter college participation in various events.Opening a night canteen in the campus and development of the hostel and mess facilities, was demanded. ATM & Bank Extension in campus was also requested.

VC said all these aspects have been included in the Development Plan of the Varsity.

Prof.Tripathy said that our Alumni Association has always extended their valuable and timely support which is remarkable.

They have to play a major role in turning UCE to VSSUT on global map, said the VC.

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KDDF proposed education development in Western Orissa

Following is a report from MeriNews :

WELCOMING FORMATION of Higher Education Task Force, members of Koshal Dishcussion and Development Forum (KDDF) has send a proposal to the chief minister of Orissa, Higher Education Task Force and government of Orissa to focus on the development of higher education in various neglected centers of Western Orissa viz Sambalpur, Bargarh, Kalahandi, Balangir and Suderdarh. The members have categorically presented the various reasons for which Western Orissa is having poor literacy rate as compared to coastal Orissa and has lower gross enrolment ratio (GER) in higher education. One of the serious concerns pointed out was political negligence.

Political negligence
Politically, Western Orissa or Koshal region of Orissa has been seriously neglected in higher education. Most of the new Central government institutions are coming in Cuttack-Bhubaneswar and South Orissa region and not a single one is established in Western Orissa which lacks sufficient number of higher educational and research institutions despite consisting a vast area and population. The state government has at the last moment betrayed for a Central University in Kalahandi and ignored demand of IIT in Sambalpur. Recently, Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Medical College was also not feasible in Balangir whereas, National Steel Institute was established in Puri instead of Sundergarh. The continuous political negligence towards Western Orissa should be stopped for the betterment of this region in higher education.

Improving faculties in existing major colleges
Without improving present infrastructure GER in higher education will never enhance. Most of the major colleges in Western Orissa are being neglected by state government. Presently, there are many regular vacant faculty posts existing in G M Autonomous College Sambalpur, Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna, Panchayat College Bargarh, Rajendra Autonomous College Balangir, Government Autonomous College Sundergarh etc. In fact, condition of higher education in Western Orissa is further downgraded in the last 10 years by directly affecting GER. For example, Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna (GACB) has 38 vacant regular posts at this moment unlike a decade ago.

There were eight faculties serving in Chemistry department of GACB a decade ago and now only two of them are serving for the whole college. Same is the case in other departments and colleges in Western Orissa. Without adequate number of faculties, how GER in higher education will improve? We propose that within a year, sufficient number of regular faculties should be recruited for the above colleges in Western Orissa on regular basis. As state government claims most of the time faculties from other parts of Orissa are unwilling to serve in Kalahandi, Balangir and other regions of Western Orissa, therefore, regular faculties in this region should be recruited in the local level through local level tests opening the possibility for candidates from the whole state.

Unitary universities and autonomous colleges
G M Autonomous College, Sambalpur and Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna were among first three colleges along with Ravenshaw Autonomous College Cuttack chosen by UGC as ‘Potential Centre of Excellence’ in Orissa. Ravenshaw Autonomous College was converted to a Unitary University by the state government which helps in its growth and getting UGC funding, whereas both G M Autonomous College Sambalpur and Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna are still being neglected by the state government. These two colleges should be immediately converted to Unitary Universities. Similarly Panchayat College Bargarh, Government Autonomous College Sundergarh and Rajendra Autonomous College Balangir should be expanded to full-fledged educational institutes by opening PG courses including computer sciences, management, biotechnology and nursing.

New Central and state government institutions
Since Western Orissa lacks sufficient number of higher educational institutions and opening new campuses is as expensive as establishing new institution, establishing new central and state government institutions and upgrading present existing institutions to higher level would be beneficial for Western Orissa in general.

A branch of Central Rice Institute should come-up in Bargarh. An Indian Institute of Management should be established in Sambalpur and steel institute in Sundergarh. National University should be established in Western Orissa. Along this line, keeping sentiment of Kalahandi people, the proposed National University in Bhubaneswar should be pursued with the Central government to establish in Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi. Also, we urge to establish the proposed Health University Balangir.

Converting to university
BPUT in Rourkela should be converted to a full-fledged science and technology university having education and research in the line of Anna University Chennai. Similarly, Agriculture College at Bhawanipatna should be converted to a full-fledged agriculture and animal husbandry university. The Harishankar and Gandhamardan Mountain provides adequate atmosphere to have a university for ayurvedic and herbal medicine. We urgue to combine Sri Nrusinghanath Ayurvedic College, Paikmal, Bargarh and the Government Ayurvedic Colleges in Balangir and establish University of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine. VSS medical college should be pursued to be made an AIIMS type institution.

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Samruddha Odisha proposed for Establishing Vedanta University in Western Odisha

Following is a report from

President of the Samruddha Orissa  Dr Jatish Mohanty has proposed the state government to set up the Vedanta University in some parts of the Western Orissa region instead of Puri-Konark marine drive.

As Vedanta is setting up of the plant in western Orissa and the mines are also located in the region the university should be set up there . He said that the sea-beach land which is meant for tourism based industries should not be given for the university.

He demanded that before giving land to the university, the opinion of the people of the State should be taken into consideration.

If tourism based industries are set up on the sea-beach, lakhs of job opportunities can be created and if the state government does not take any pro-active step regarding it his party would launch an agitation soon .


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Again Farmer ends life in Nuapada

Following is report from The Pioneer:

In what appeared to be a premeditated step Kusha Dhwaja Majhi, in his forties committed suicide by hanging himself in his house at Tarbod in Nuapada district. Family sources admit it was a case of poverty and large amount of loan from fellow villagers which drove him to take this extreme step.

Jema Majhi, the widow had no inkling of such a drastic step her husband had contemplated when she was sent to her mother’s house a couple of days ago.

Majhi had been cultivating fellow villager Amar Pradhan’s 3 acres of land . The paddy that was grown in the said land was damaged due to drought in the area. Jema admits her husband had taken large loans from more than six persons in the village for cultivation.

The dire condition of the crop had always been a cause of concern for the family. He had borrowed some rice the previous night to cook, informed Majhi’ s neighbour S Majhi . The family neither had cash savings nor foodgrain in the house.

Basanta Panda, former Nuapada BJP MLA has demanded a compensation of Rs five lakh to Majhi’s family. The State has a mandate to provide livelihood to the people & since the State has failed in its duty, it should immediately pay a compensation of Rs five lakh to the family.

The failure of the State’s social security schemes can be gauged from the fact that there has been no NREGA work in the village in the last one year, said Bhanu Prakash Joshi , president of the Nuapada district Congress. Though the Centre pumps in unlimited amount of money under NREGA, the State mechanism has completely failed to utilise such funds to provide livelihood to the people, he added.

Though politicking has gained momentum as agitationists blocked National Highway 217 passing through the district to draw the attention of the Government, Jema looks blankly at the horizon. Majhi had already lent his job card to a middlemen for some money.

Heaving undergone sterilisation operation just a week before, she is unable to do any work. Who will feed my four children, she acclaims helplessly. Though Majhi was allotted an Indira Awas House, his inability to arrange initial money to open a bank account had stalled the entire process.

The claim of the administration of facilitating zero balance accounts is a hoax & the vulnerability of such people have never been understood by the officials which drove him to take the extreme step, added Panda. The administration was quite mum when handing over Rs 10,000 to the family for cremation expenses.

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Niyamgiri and Vedanta


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VSSUT to introduce textile engineering soon

Following message was posted inVSSUT Alumni association web site:

Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology is planning to introduce textile engineering in the institution to strengthen and study of the world famous Sambalpuri fabric. This was disclosed by the vice chancellor of the university Dr. Deb Kumar Tripathy in an exclusive interview with TOI on Friday. Dr. Tripathy joined as the first vice-chancellor of the university on Thursday.

“Burla engineering college is considered to be the oldest engineering college of the state but it remains in the sideline because of the various reasons. Thanks to CM Naveen Patnaik for giving University status to the institution. Our priority will be to make the institution as one of the best of the country and for this we are planning to introduce few new branches of engineering courses. Textile engineering is one among them which will help to strengthen the development of the Sambalpuri fabric. We also plan to introduce Nano-science technology, Bio-medical engineering and surgical engineering soon”, the vice chancellor Dr Tripathy told.

According to him, several modification and changes are to be taken place in the infrastructure of the institution once it becomes university. But since it requires lot of expenditure we want to change it in phase manner. “I am meeting the industry secretary soon to place our immediate requirement. I am hopeful the government would give proper attention to solve the problem of the institution. We have shortage of faculty members. About 44 new faculty members are required immediately. So we advertise this in our website and soon we are able to fill up the posts”, Dr. Tripathy told.

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Dr. Sanjib Kumar Karmee’s Letter to CM of Orissa on Medical College in Balangir

The following letter was sent to CM on July 2009:

Dear honorable Chief Minister, Mr. Patnaik,

It is very disappointing and painful to learn that the state government has not yet finalized the sponsor for Balangir Medical College since the project was proposed in 2004.

As reported in the media
( state govt. has received six proposals from: Dr.D  MeherEducation & Health Trust, Balangir, Santhigiri Ashram, Kerala, Sahayata Trust, Hydrabad, supreme Task, New Delhi, Vigyan Bharati Charitable Trust, Bhubaneswar and RVS Educational Trust, Tamil Nadu. However, now no body is in a mood to finalize the promoter out of the six contenders.

Health facility is very crucial for places which are far away from the state capital and needs long hours travel such as Balangir.

Many of us have been working hard to establish a Medical College in Balangir region since past decades keeping backwardness of this region in mind. People of Balangir have been voting for BJD constantly which
is evident that both MLA and MP seats for Balangir is currently represented by your party. It is the high time Orissa state government should take a strong stand on this issue.

The private medical colleges proposed under WODC are not moving as expected since past six years. Now there are many proposals but the government is not taking this issue seriously.

On the other hand state Government is taking serious steps to establish Government medical college in Bhubaneswar and other parts of the state.

State Government Medical Colleges in Orissa are:
(1) SCB Medical College Cuttack
(2) VSS Medical College Sambalpur
(3) MKCG Medical College Berhampur
(4) Capital (Hospital) Medical College Bhubaneswar
(5) Medical College in Balasore (proposed)

Medical College proposed by Central Government Ministries in Orissa are:
(1) AIIMS like institute in Bhubaneswar
(2) ESIC Medical College Bhubaneswar (better would be to etstablish it
in Balangir/Rourkela)
(3) Medical College in Talcher by MCI (Ministry of Coal)
(4) Medical College in Balasore by Defence Department (proposed)
(5) Medical College under Central University of Orissa at Koraput
(6) Medical College under IGNTU branch in Phulbani (proposed)

Private Medical Colleges in Orissa
KIMS Bhubaneswar
Hi-Tech Medical College Bhubaneswar
Sum & IMS medical College Bhubaneswar

There are many other private medical college proposals in Bhubaneswar, Puri (Vedanta University, world class hospital), Balasore, Koraput, Naraja (Cuttack), Choudwar (Cuttack), Berhampur, Kalahandi (through
WODC), Balangir (through WODC), Rourkela (through WODC & others) that needs to be functional.

Private medical colleges & hospitals rarely fulfill need of poor people in place like Balangir, Kalahandi etc, where geographical location can be more valuable to save life. Many lives are being lost every year in the KBK region just because of this. When state Government is establishing Government medical colleges in other parts of Orissa where similar private one is being proposed, there is also no logic why simultaneously Government should not establish Government medical college in KBK, especially where it is absolutely necessary, when private one is being encouraged through WODC.

We propose the state Government to take following steps to establish Government medical college in Orissa.

(1). State Government medical college in Sundergarh, the ideal would be if ESIC Medical College is not possible in Balangir due to members then establish it in Sundergarh (Rourkela)
(2). State Government medical college in Balangir
(3). State Government medical college in Kalahandi
(4). State Government medical college in Keonjhar
(5). State Government medical college in Mayurbhanj
(6). Pursuing to convert VSS medical college to AIIMS type institution

I hope you take appropriate step to expedite while selecting private party to establish medical college in Balangir and simultaneously an establish Government medical college.

Thank you and best regards

Dr.Sanjib Kumar Karmee, PhD
Biocatalysis and Organic Chemistry group
Department of Biotechnology
Delft University of Technology
Julianalaan 136, 2628 BL Delft,
The Netherlands

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Pathetic situation of the proposed Balangir Medical College

Following is a report from

Decision making in Government of Orissa has taken a back seat.

So indecision over finalizing the private sponsor to set up Balangir Medical College has left the project in limbo.
Six private promoters have shown interest to set up the Medical project, but nobody in Government is ready to finalize partner.

People of Balangir are demanding a Medical College & Hospital for last 12 years and yet the Western Orissa Development Council (WODC) has failed to provide it.
Six years before in 2003, GSL Trust of Andhra Pradesh was roped in as a private promoter to set up Medical College here and MOU was signed for the purpose.

Later in 2004, MOU was cancelled as the promoter failed to commence work of the project. In 2005, Jassar Dental Medical Foundation of Uttar Pradesh was allowed to sign MOU and it was abrogated in 2006. In October, 2006, Sri Balaji Educational Charitable Public Trust (SBECPT) signed MOU for the project.

SBECPT and WODC was entangle in tussle over land and grant issue, resulting, the trust went to Orissa High Court. So fresh advertisement was issued in 2008 for private partner and accordingly 6 different parties have shown interest in setting up the project.

However, now no body is in a mood to finalize the promoter out of the 6 contenders.

They are Dr.D Meher Education & Health Trust, Balangir, Santhigiri Ashram, Kerala, Sahayata Trust, Hydrabad, supreme Task, New Delhi, Vigyan Bharati Charitable Trust , Bhubaneswar and RVS Educational Trust, Tamil Nadu.

Bone of contention is as the SBECPT has filed a writ petition in High Court, this has to be examined before finalizing the private promoter. So after so many years, people still waits for Medical College & Hospital here.

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Institutes needs to be established in Koshal region

The following Institutes needs to be established in Western Odisha or Koshal region


  • · Health University in Balangir
  • · Govt. Medical College Balangir
  • · National Institute of Science & Technology, Balangir
  • · Institute of Biotechnology, Sonepur


  • · Upgrade Shri Nrusinghanath Ayurved College & Research Institute, Bargarh by opening abranch of National Institute of Ayurveda (
  • · Panchayat College Bargarh should be expanded to a full-fledged educational institute byopening PG courses including Computer sciences, Management, Biotechnology and Nursing.
  • · As the Bargarh-Sambalpur area is considered as “rice bowl” of Orissa, a branch of central rice research Institute, ( should be opened at Bargarh area to promote agriculture, in particular rice cultivation.
  • · Establish a unit of National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB) ( along with private partners in Bargarh as this institute can have multiple units. Apart from the main center in Delhi; it has its units in Ahmadabad and Hyderabad ( Bargarh has many cement factories it will promote a lot in expanding expertise in areas like cement manufacturing and building materials.


  • · Indian Institute of Management should be established in Bargarh-Sambalpur-Burla-Jharsuguda
  • · GM College needs to be upgraded to a unitary university.
  • · The Jharsuguda area has lot of Industries and going to have many more in future. A Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) lab like National Environmental Engineering Research Institute ( should be established in this area. This institute aims to strives to provide scientific, industrial research and development that maximizes the economic & environmental and social benefit for the people.



  • · Odisha Institute of Management, Boudh
  • · Institute of Pharmacy and Nursing, Boudh



  • · A branch of Institute of Forest research should be established in Deogarh (see Deogarh will be a suitable place for this location; it has dense forest with natural environment. It will be a suitable location for branch of forest research Institute. Ushakothi (Badrama) Sanctuary is also close to Deogarh.




  • · Up-gradation of BPUT along the line of ANNA University,
  • · Steel institute,
  • · ESIC medical college
  • · An engg college by SAIL




  • · Govt. Medical College Kalahandi
  • · A National/Central University in Kalahandi
  • · Up-gradation of Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna to Unitray University
  • · Up-gradation of Agriculture College to a University of Agriculture

Work in progress…………..

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