Dr. Sanjib Kumar Karmee’s Letter to CM of Orissa on Medical College in Balangir

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The following letter was sent to CM on July 2009:

Dear honorable Chief Minister, Mr. Patnaik,

It is very disappointing and painful to learn that the state government has not yet finalized the sponsor for Balangir Medical College since the project was proposed in 2004.

As reported in the media
(http://www.tathya.in/2009/story.asp?sno=3053) state govt. has received six proposals from: Dr.D  MeherEducation & Health Trust, Balangir, Santhigiri Ashram, Kerala, Sahayata Trust, Hydrabad, supreme Task, New Delhi, Vigyan Bharati Charitable Trust, Bhubaneswar and RVS Educational Trust, Tamil Nadu. However, now no body is in a mood to finalize the promoter out of the six contenders.


Health facility is very crucial for places which are far away from the state capital and needs long hours travel such as Balangir.

Many of us have been working hard to establish a Medical College in Balangir region since past decades keeping backwardness of this region in mind. People of Balangir have been voting for BJD constantly which
is evident that both MLA and MP seats for Balangir is currently represented by your party. It is the high time Orissa state government should take a strong stand on this issue.

The private medical colleges proposed under WODC are not moving as expected since past six years. Now there are many proposals but the government is not taking this issue seriously.

On the other hand state Government is taking serious steps to establish Government medical college in Bhubaneswar and other parts of the state.

State Government Medical Colleges in Orissa are:
(1) SCB Medical College Cuttack
(2) VSS Medical College Sambalpur
(3) MKCG Medical College Berhampur
(4) Capital (Hospital) Medical College Bhubaneswar
(5) Medical College in Balasore (proposed)

Medical College proposed by Central Government Ministries in Orissa are:
(1) AIIMS like institute in Bhubaneswar
(2) ESIC Medical College Bhubaneswar (better would be to etstablish it
in Balangir/Rourkela)
(3) Medical College in Talcher by MCI (Ministry of Coal)
(4) Medical College in Balasore by Defence Department (proposed)
(5) Medical College under Central University of Orissa at Koraput
(6) Medical College under IGNTU branch in Phulbani (proposed)

Private Medical Colleges in Orissa
KIMS Bhubaneswar
Hi-Tech Medical College Bhubaneswar
Sum & IMS medical College Bhubaneswar

There are many other private medical college proposals in Bhubaneswar, Puri (Vedanta University, world class hospital), Balasore, Koraput, Naraja (Cuttack), Choudwar (Cuttack), Berhampur, Kalahandi (through
WODC), Balangir (through WODC), Rourkela (through WODC & others) that needs to be functional.

Private medical colleges & hospitals rarely fulfill need of poor people in place like Balangir, Kalahandi etc, where geographical location can be more valuable to save life. Many lives are being lost every year in the KBK region just because of this. When state Government is establishing Government medical colleges in other parts of Orissa where similar private one is being proposed, there is also no logic why simultaneously Government should not establish Government medical college in KBK, especially where it is absolutely necessary, when private one is being encouraged through WODC.

We propose the state Government to take following steps to establish Government medical college in Orissa.

(1). State Government medical college in Sundergarh, the ideal would be if ESIC Medical College is not possible in Balangir due to members then establish it in Sundergarh (Rourkela)
(2). State Government medical college in Balangir
(3). State Government medical college in Kalahandi
(4). State Government medical college in Keonjhar
(5). State Government medical college in Mayurbhanj
(6). Pursuing to convert VSS medical college to AIIMS type institution

I hope you take appropriate step to expedite while selecting private party to establish medical college in Balangir and simultaneously an establish Government medical college.

Thank you and best regards

Dr.Sanjib Kumar Karmee, PhD
Biocatalysis and Organic Chemistry group
Department of Biotechnology
Delft University of Technology
Julianalaan 136, 2628 BL Delft,
The Netherlands
Web: http://www.bt.tudelft.nl/boc

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