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Hirakud dam to have more spillways

Following is a report from the
Taking note of the massive siltation and other related issues in Hirakud dam in Odisha’s Sambalpur district where cracks have appeared due to lack of proper maintenance, the dam authorities have planned to construct more spillways of the dam for release of more floodwaters to ensure its longevity.

“The decision for construction of more spillways of the dam has been taken after the recent visit of a high-powered team of the Central Water Commission (CWC). While the budget estimate for the survey work of the spillways has almost finalized, the construction work of the spillways would begin from the current fiscal”, said Yashowant Parida, executive engineer of the dam.

The tender process for construction of additional spillways of the dam would begin in a few months, he added.
It may be mentioned that the cracks and holes near the spillways of the main dam were noticed during an underwater survey of the dam in 2002-03. The dam authorities had later carried out repair of some of these cracks.

While the dam earlier had the provision of gross discharge of 15 lakh cusecs of water from the spillways in 1957, considering the present situation and future of the dam, provisions for release of 24 lakh cusecs of water has been planned, sources said.

Following is another report from the Sambad:

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A proposal for Lower Suktel project

Following OPED is from the Samaja:


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Increase in the number of migratory birds in Hirakud

Following is a report from the Sambad:

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What has Hirakud achieved in 55 years?

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A rare video of Hirakud dam construction by Roberto Rossellini

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How Odisha govt. betrayed the people of western Odisha: An article by Uttam Kumar Pradhan

Following report is from the Sambad:


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Man-made flood in Odisha

The current flood situation in Odisha is a man-made one. It seems there are a lot of mismanagement’s. There were continuous warnings by the Indian metrological departments (IMD) regarding heavy rain both in Orissa, Chhattisgarh and other parts of India. Looks like the authorities in charge of Hirakud dam are not listening or neglecting the IMD warnings. How can they wait till the water level in the reservoir is 630 ft? Looks like the authorities are simply watching while the reservoir is swelling. Another important point, lot of silt, mud, and rocks are coming from the mining areas to the Hirakud dam, which is reducing the water holding capacity of the dam. In this situation, if something (damage) happens to Hirakud dam, then Sambalpur and other cities will be completely washed out. Has the Odisha govt. reviewed life-expectancy of Hirakud dam and taken up some related action? I feel that Hirakud dam is too old and a complete review of this dam is required.

I am really surprised by this incident. How can they do this time and again? Is there any coordination between the Hirakud dam authorities with the Chhattisgarh govt./authorities? Do they know or trying to know how much water will enter Hirakud dam etc etc.

I must say the Hirakud dam authorities are not getting the facts and figure right. They are just waiting and watching till the situation worsens.

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